[Proposal] VN Artists DAO June Community Call

This is part of VN Artists Dao June Funding Request (Overview)

Link to previous approved proposal

For the month of June, we intend to decrease from 4 to 2 community calls with the Community, as the number of questions from community and the information to be shared is not much due to our experience in previous months.

Purpose: The rationale behind this is to both handle questions from the community & provide artists with enough knowledge to engaging with us.

Method to implement: Telegram call

Time: Saturday of the 1st and 4th week of June (actual time may change to accommodate the majority of the community) ~ 90-120 minutes/call

Week 1: AMAs/ Proposals update/ Activities introduction:

Week 4: Activities conclude, reports, DAOcisions for July activities of VAD

Budget request: 50$ x 2 = $100 in total

Link to the whole (Overview Proposals): [Proposal] VN Artists Dao – June- 2022 Funding Request (Overview)