[BOUNTY] Art competition. Designing alternative film poster art

Black Cat Cinema: Film poster artwork competition

For BCC’s first Bounty, we’re putting out a call for visual artists to create alternative posters for classic films.

There are many, many beautiful, creative, and iconic film poster from through the ages. But they have all had one final purpose: Selling cinema tickets. In this competition we would like to free artists from the need to sell tickets, and let you focus on simply creating art. So, take the poster format and let your imagination run riot!


  • Must include at least the film title and the name of the director in the image.
  • Be in standard theatrical poster dimensions:27x40inches/686x1016mm.
  • Can be in colour, monochrome, simple or complex. You decide!
  • There’s no restriction on which films can be used, but choosing a very obscure film might make the poster difficult for many people to relate to.
  • The original piece can be created digitally or manually. But the final submission needs to be digitized at 300dpi.

How it works

  • Submit your art in this post with your NEAR name and a two-line intro to yourself and the poster. To help with page loading times, it might make sense to post a smaller version here in the post, and email the full-size version to info@theblackcatcinema.com
  • After the deadline, we’ll close the bounty and decide on three winning entries.
  • All three will be displayed on the Black Cat Cinema website, Instagram, and in a blog post. Posts will include an intro to the artist and links to your online channels.
  • All three will be minted into NFTs. One of which will be donated to the Muti Collective Mintbase store, and the remaining two into the upcoming Black Cat Mintbase store.


  • 1st place: $75 in NEAR. First position on Instagram carousel, website, and blog. Revenue from NFT sale split 25% for BCC/Muti DAO and 75% for the artist.
  • 2nd place: $45 in NEAR. 2nd position on Instagram carousel, website, and blog. Revenue from NFT sale split 25% for BCC/Muti DAO and 75% for the artist.
  • 3rd place: $30 in NEAR. 3rd position on Instagram carousel, website, and blog. Revenue from NFT sale split 25% for BCC/Muti DAO and 75% for the artist.

When is it happening?

  • Starting on 28th January
  • Deadline on 11th February
  • Winners announced on 13th February on our social media, website, and Muti page.

Here is some inspiration from the incredible Polish Film Poster archive: https://polishposter.com/

All going well, we would love to make this the first in a series of film artwork competitions, and start exhibiting the artwork physically at the film events later in the year. If so, the submissions from this competition will be the first in the exhibition!

Any questions, just shoot over an email or a message here on the forum.

Can’t wait to see the entries!!





Hello there, please can I get the postal format?

Hi! By postal format, do you mean JPG, PNG, etc? If so, JPG wold be fine.

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Okay thank you

One more thing is it just any movie title that I know or you have the ones we should use?

Yes any movie title is ok. But, as mentioned in the post, it might be better to choose something fairly well-known otherwise it could be hard for people to relate to.

If there’s anything else you’re wondering about, just drop us a message!

Hi! Can I submit more than one piece?

Hi! Should have said in the original post. It’s a limit of one entry per person.

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Hello please where I’m here submitting …?

Hello, the thing is we can take the original poster from the original movie or film, and make a new one through my artstyle or digitlized art?

Hi! You can attach a picture to a comment here in the thread and email a copy to info@theblackcatcinema.com

Sure, whatever your imagination is saying. Whether it’s a totally different poster, like the ones on polishposter.com, or a reinterpretation of an existing poster. Of course, more originality is always good!


hey! my name is Kevin, i am new here, i really love to make digital art, make music in my computer. this is my cover art from the movie django, this is one of my favorite movies.



I’m a brazilian poet, artist-etc. and, before the pandemic, I used to run a film club here where I live, and I loved to create the posters (which became a collection at OpenSea). Maybe this piece (and the other I did before known it’s just only one entry) can be the beginning of a new one!


Hello! I’m a brazilian artist based at Porto, Portugal. my near wallet is @nararosetto.near

Here is my entry with Nigth Train to Lisbon


Looks great!!
Great work @kearteaga :slight_smile:

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thanks dude! i hope i win

My entry to the Art Bounty competition.
Picking a favorite movie poster was a bit challenge for me because have got lots of movies to pick from and sample but THE CALL OF THE WILD just came handy. Kindly enjoy my entry simplicity.
Am Rasheed FIM, a budding creative film maker and photographer, Near enthusiast from Africa.


It’s not the 11th here just yet so i hope there is still time to submit :slight_smile:

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I decided to go with a classic Anime, Ghost in the Shell as it’s a movie that still feels relevant to the future we are headed for today.

I am a Latina multi-disciplinary digital artist based in California with a passion for the digital world.


Yes, you’re in time! It’s still open until midnight tonight GMT.

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