[PROPOSAL] Season opening and first four open-air film exhibitions through May, in collaboration with Arroz Estúdios

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Funding scheme: One month.

Project: Open-air cinema launch: Season two at Arroz!

Links: Instagram, Facebook, website, Mintbase store.

Previously funded projects: Marketing, Poster art, Mintbase & DAO.

Other current projects: Estufada Artistica


Four open-air film exhibitions through May, in collaboration with Arroz Estúdios.

Following on from our 2021 mid-pandemic season, we’re bringing alternative cinema back to Lisbon. And better than ever! Arroz Estúdios have kindly invited us back and we’ve got a diverse line-up of modern and classic films, and an increasing number of collaborators to work with!

A brief introduction to what we do: Black Cat was created to bring an alternative vision of cinema-going to Lisbon. To exhibit the greatest films ever made in beautiful, cultural and social settings. You can read a little more in our introduction here.

2021 recap

In total, we hosted 30 shows from 16 August to 30th November, and welcomed 1,768 people through the door.

Attendance per night ranged from 105pax (sold out) to 21pax (oops) with an average of 59. Excluding the month of November, average attendance was 71 per night.

2022 season

Starting on 17/05/22, we will run shows every Tuesday at Arroz until the end of October, for a total of 24 weekly events.

This year’s goal for the Tuesday events is to increase average attendance to 90 per night and provide a high-quality product that can compete with the best film festivals in Lisbon!

Compared with last year, this year we’ll be running through the summer months, instead of the autumn, and with improved marketing, support, network, manpower, and product, the target of 90 people per night should be very attainable!

In addition to the Tuesdays, we’re working on producing special events on select Mondays. The goal is to engage different communities and niche interests to broaden Black Cat’s audience and foster creative relationships. So far, we have a Monday show booked with a black culture/community group on 23/05/22, and another to mark World Refugee Day on 20/06/22.

Our plan is to continue the sessions in June, when another proposal will be submitted to this community.

Initial schedule from 17th May to 31st May

17/05/22 Dune

23/05/22 Bad Boys

24/05/22 Parasite

31/05/22 King Richard

NEAR integration

There are four ways in which Black Cat will drive awareness and usage of NEAR over the next season.

1. Drive new traffic to Arroz Estúdios.

In 2021, 77% of our guests were first-time members at Arroz. In total, 1371 new people were signed up to the association and introduced to what it offers.

As one of the leading (maybe the leading?) NEAR-integrated cultural hubs in Lisbon, this introduction to Arroz serves as an organic on-ramp for new users into a community that can expose, educate, and on-board them into the NEAR ecosystem.

Projected new memberships at Arroz in 2022

24 weekly shows + 10 projected special events = 34 shows.

90 guests per show = 3060 in total.

77% new membership rate.

= 2356 new members.

2. Directly expose our audience to the NEAR name and ecosystem.

Using our audience’s core interests of films and events, we will incorporate NEAR naturally as a part of our public content.

As an example, we recently ran a poster artwork competition, which called on artists to reimagine the posters for classic films. The three winners were announced on our social feeds, NEAR forum, and our website. The three winning entries were minted into NFTs, and are now for sale in the new Black Cat Cinema Mintbase Store.

The next round of this competition will take place in June, and also be announced on the Black Cat and Arroz Estúdios social feeds. The final winners will be written up in a blog on our site, alongside upcoming articles related to Lisbon and film, and displayed physically at Black Cat events. The NFTs will be advertised for sale in both the blog and at the physical events.

This is an avenue we need to pursue further, and there is a lot of potential. Creating content and engaging with artists in collaboration with NEAR and crypto technology in a way that increases value on all sides.

3. NFT ticketing

We will run an NFT ticketing platform alongside our traditional ticketing, and all users will be given the choice between the two options.

We have received funding from the Marketing DAO to help with the initial set up of NFT tickets for the events. So, we have already been able to get started. Although NFTs are still in the early stages as a ticketing solution, @guille from Mintickt is able to collaborate, and is currently working to prepare the beta version of Black Cat’s Mintickt for May 17th.

This should also have the added benefit of gaining broader exposure beyond Lisbon. This will be a world first for an open-air cinema and, as such, we hope to gain the attention of crypto news outlets, such as NFTnow.com, cryptonews.com, NFTplazas.com, that can highlight it as a real-world use case for NFTs and NEAR.

4. Metaverse

As the season goes on, we will document the project in photo and video and create a digital representation of our events on Cryptovoxels. The films themselves cannot be displayed for licensing reasons. However, there’s a lot of content related to the experience, venue, and art shows that can be created and form a digital Black Cat Cinema online.

This will also be linked to on our website and media channels, and provide a route through which the metaverse will be available to our audience as a normalised part of the Black Cat sphere.

This is a part of the project to be started in the coming months, after we have enough content to form a solid concept for the cryptovoxels space.

Project updates

Further into the summer, we will create a video and photo documentation of how the project is progressing. It will focus on interviews with collaborators and colleagues, reports on the relationship with NEAR, and the customer experience. We have already spoken to @roadworks about creating video content of the events, and we have a photographer booked for the first event. The aim is to deliver this by 30/06/22

May & budget

Basic graphic design for four events. Across four platforms: Facebook, Instagram/Twitter, website.

Facebook event: x3 aspect per event.

Instagram/Twitter post: x 1 per event

1x website banner: x1 per event. $160

Poster printing (to last for min. 3 months): $200

Flyer printing: $50

Film licenses $1,088 total: $544

Photographer 2x events: $160

Facebook and Instagram event sales ads x4 $120

English to Portuguese: web copy to last 2 months, emails, film and event information: $100

50/50 split Black Cat DAO and Arroz Criativo DAO

Black Cat Cinema DAO - $667

Arroz Creativo DAO - - $667


Pre-production has already started. Marketing materials will be prepared and release by first week of May. Opening night on 17/05/22.

Target: blackcatcinema.near

black-cat-cinema.sputnik-dao.near / KYC through @dan_E


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