[Approved] Pre-2022 season build-up and NFT tickets

DAO: Black Cat Cinema DAO

Funding Scheme: Once.

Project: Pre-2022 season build-up and NFT tickets

Links: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Mintbase store

Previous Marketing DAO proposals: First proposal.

Previous Creatives DAO proposals: Proposal

Other projects in the space: Estufada Artistica, Nearcon, Haloween


To reach a new audience through an online marketing campaign, and drive this audience to the ticketing platform offering a new NFT ticket option alongside the traditional FIAT payment methods.

Social media.

So far, we’ve been extremely happy with the reach and engagement with our social media channels. There has been a strong positive reaction from the public, and the channels have proven to be an essential resource for Black Cat’s development. Before the start of the 2022 season of open-air films in mid-May, the goal is to increase the reach of our existing online channels by 15%, and add a new channel and a blog.

NFT ticketing.

We will be the world’s first open-air cinema with NFT ticketing!

We currently use TicketTailor via Stripe, which absorbed almost 11% of ticket revenue in 2021. Offering ticketing via Mintbase alongside this will be a big step in terms of both cost efficiency and real world useage for NFTs and NEAR.

Although NFT ticketing is still in its infancy in terms of development, we are keen to get ahead of the curve and maximise the utility currently available on Mintbase. We also hope to highlight this as an example of how NFTs have become a viable option for organisations who are looking to streamline and become more tech-forward. We will reach out to online publications in the space (NFTnow.com, cryptonews.com, NFTplazas.com, to name a few) in the hope that they will be keen to provide some coverage of this to their audience.

Further down the road, Mintickt is also a potential collaborator as a dedicated ticketing app. Although their platform won’t be ready until later in the year.

Timeframe: By 17/05/22

Marketing breakdown

Current statistics:

Instagram followers: 3550
Facebook page followers: 1200
Email subscribers: 436
Blog: 9x film summaries, average 120 words.
1x film poster artwork article, 500 words.
All unrelated to the creative scene in Lisbon.


Instagram followers: 4000
Facebook page followers: 1400
Email subscribers: 500
Blog: Add 4x articles related to film, Lisbon, and the arts.

Channel to add:



Creation of Facebook/Instagram ads. Intended to reach a new audience in the Lisbon area.

  • Graphic design
  • Campaign & creative set up
  • Meeting 45 mins x2 with Meta marketing
  • Ad spend over 4 weeks 200 USD
    200 USD x NEAR

Creation of Twitter account

  • Research on platform best practices.
  • Account set up and first 4 posts.
    50 USD x NEAR

Creation of four blog posts

  • Things to do in Lisbon for cinema lovers
  • The best of Lisbon’s creative scene
  • Top five Portuguese language films
  • Top five film festivals in Lisbon
    200 USD x NEAR

NFT ticketing tasks

  • Consultation with Mintbase
  • Trial ticket run
  • Testing
  • Web design, link integration.
  • Social media post.
  • Contact with publications to promote.
    200USD x NEAR

Total 650USD x NEAR
Target: blackcatcinema.near



@David_NEAR @marianeu

Good morning. What is the difference? Thank you

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Good question! The project is the same. The reason for posting it again: this month should have been BCC DAO’s first monthly budget in the Creatives. Except I misunderstood the approval process and missed the deadline!!

The remaining proposals from our intended Creatives budget have no option but to wait for next month, but because this is really a marketing project, I got in touch with @David_NEAR to see if it would be something the Marketing DAO would consider and he suggested it was worth putting the proposal forward for consideration.

Now you mention it though. Is it better to delete the original proposal, so that there’s no confusion about whether we’re applying to fund the same project twice?

Yes, please. Thanks

Cc: @creativesdao-council



I don’t have permission to remove it, but I’ve flagged it to the mods and asked them to take it down, and changed the title to [PROPOSAL - CLOSED & MOVED TO MARKETING DAO]. Is that ok?

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

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On the same page. I believe the vast part of revenue should go directly to artists, but not ticketing agencies. It’s what I’m expecting from the web3 world. Waiting for similar legal dApps in the USA.

Happy to support your proposal, and thanks for creating web3 world.


@Dacha and the marketing team, thanks for tagging. Title has been marked appropriately and we will address next months budget with Black Cat Cinema DAO… I’ve already chatted with Dan about this.


So, should we close the proposal for Marketing DAO? Thanks

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@Dacha what I mean to say is that the creatives proposal is now titled:
[PROPOSAL - CLOSED & MOVED TO MARKETING DAO] Pre-2022 season build up and NFT tickets

So, this proposal to marketing still stands as it seems fit and next month we will address the Black Cat Cinema Creatives DAO proposal with this one in mind.

Hope this clarifies things.


Ok thanks @ted.iv. Makes sense because I just got a notification that the Creatives post had been hidden by the mods.

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Happy to support this proposal. Glad artists can keep up momentum while we continue to build core tech that will compete with Web 2.0 businesses to provide fairer alternatives to users.


Hi @Dan_E thanks for a clear proposal.

Happy to support


Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO


Many, many thanks to all of you for supporting the proposal! Time to get started :smiley:

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Solid proposal and great iniative. You’ve got my support. Voting now.

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Many thanks!

Already been in talks with Guille from Mintickt about having the ticketing online in Mintickt Beta mode by the first show on the 17th May. Also about to launch the social media marketing campaign, and have two prospective blog writers lined-up. Twitter yet to start, but will be very soon.
All systems go!