[PROPOSAL] Introduction animation

DAOs and project members:

Black Cat Cinema DAO





Funding scheme: Once

Project: Creating a real identity for Black Cat’s events, and highlighting our supporters, including NEAR.

Links: Instagram, Facebook, website, Mintbase store.

Previously funded projects: Marketing, Poster art, Mintbase & DAO, Season opening 2022, logo and brand re-design, Estufada Artistica, June.


The on-screen time pre-show time is a huge resource for a cinema. We are already using this space to promote Black Cat, NEAR, and our collaborators with static images. But, there is a way to give everything on the screen far more impact, and that’s with moving images.

We will create a short (30 second) video of animations of the Black Cat logo, that will be the pre-film introduction. The concept is to create a personality for the project t’s partners and draw attention from the audience, so that instead of paying a passing interest in what’s on the screen before the film, they pay full attention and clearly remember what they are seeing.

The finished product

The draft idea is an animated figure walking across the screen, putting up a ladder to the Black Cat logo, and installing the lettering on the logo in the style of old cinema sign boards. Then turning on a “projector” which illuminates the shape, before walking away. Only to come back a minute later and remove the lettering, throwing it to the floor where each letter forms part of the logo of our partners (Santos Collective, Arroz Estúdios, Junta de Fregusia de Estrella, and of course, NEAR)

What’s involved

It will take a lot of animation and rough drafts, but our animators are confident that we can create something that is far more engaging and characterful than any still image, and draws the attention of the audience to every element in turn.

An image of the logo and the style of the cinema signboard is below, so maybe you can start to visualize what we mean!!

The animators Kim and Ricardo have agreed to open wallets and take payment for their part in NEAR. And upon approval we can get started!

Upon approval and confirmed payout of August budget, the animation will take one week.

Artists’ fees: 350 USD in NEAR


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