[PROPOSAL] August open-air cinema at Arroz Estudios

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Funding scheme: One month.

Project: Five open-air cinema shows through August. Following on from July proposal here.

Links: Instagram, Facebook, website, Mintbase store.

Previously funded projects: Marketing, Poster art, Mintbase & DAO, Season opening 2022, logo and brand re-design, Estufada Artistica, June, July.


Five open-air film exhibitions through July, in collaboration with Arroz Estúdios.

A brief introduction to what we do: Black Cat was created to bring an alternative vision of cinema-going to Lisbon. To exhibit the greatest films ever made in beautiful, cultural and social settings. You can read a little more in our introduction here.

July 2022 recap

As hoped, we have continued to have a really positive response to the shows. Despite many of our regulars being away from the city for summer, there has been no let-up interest!

A recap of our goals from last month:

Each event has gone ahead, as planned.

Included in the programming have been three special events - Pulp Fiction double feature, and Grease. For these we asked actors welcome the guests in character, and perform before the shows. These extra elements gained a lot more attention from our visitors and had a very positive response, and have set the bar higher. We were also able to onboard artists, who have now submitted payout request via the DAO. Which we’re keen to continue, going forward.


Initial schedule

02/08/22 Drive

09/08/22 Reservoir Dogs

16/08/22 Black Swan

23/08/22 The Big Lebowski

30/08/22 The Grand Budapest Hotel

Our plan is to continue the sessions in September, when another proposal will be submitted to this community.

NEAR integration recap

1. Drive new traffic to Arroz Estúdios.

The final figures at the end of the month exceed the targets set at the beginning of the season.

Total of 452 people through the door, for an average of 90.5 per night. Just above our target of 90.

Total of 364 new memberships, for an average of 80%. Above our target of 77%. Last month we mentioned that we expected this to decrease as more people start repeating shows. We’re down from 82% last month. We had a target of 77% average over the entire season, however, it now looks like we’ll stay above that for the entire season! :slight_smile:

Expanding the event’s reach
Some of the biggest news for this month is that we have managed to expand the event’s capacity by 15%. This will have a big impact on how many people we can bring through the door - and therefore have a big effect on our NEAR targets for driving traffic to Arroz, and the number of people that are exposed to the NEAR name and ecosystem. This has meant a noticeable increase in event costs, due to the need to transport the additional seating, however there is no doubt that these extra seats will be filled and allow us to not only reach, but exceed our targets this month. :smiley:

2. Directly expose our audience to the NEAR name and ecosystem.

Using our audience’s core interests of films and events, we will incorporate NEAR naturally as a part of our public content.

The third and final round of the poster competition closes today! So far, we have 16 entries from artists in the NEAR community. The winners will be chosen by the end of the week, minted into NFTs, and publicized through our social and online channels. We will then have a grand total of 9 winning entries, and a separate proposal will be submitted to support the printing and display of the artwork, alongside links to purchase the NFTs.

3. NFT ticketing
After taking a break from the NFT tickets to wait for Mintickt’s full platform release, we’re still on standby to resume NFT ticketing for the general public. As soon as it’s up and running, we’ll be there :slight_smile:

4. Metaverse

We are now ready to get started on a metaverse incarnation of Black Cat Cinema! The folks at Muti have kindly offered to let us use their Nearhub space. We can’t stream the films themselves, of course, for copyright reasons, but we can stream the pre-show music shows, venue, and give people an insight into what Black Cat is all about!

Project updates

The video of our Arroz events is now complete! We can’t post video here, but here are a few stills :slight_smile: Can we inbox the mods? How would NEAR like us to provide the video?

June & budget

Film licenses x5 $1,613 total: 65%. 1048 USD

Traditional ticketing: 249USD

Equipment transport x5 $482: 65% 313 USD

English to Portuguese: emails, film and event information: $100

Total: 1710 USD

Previously, the budget was split between Black Cat Cinema and Arroz Criativo DAO, but, we have agreed to free up budget from Arroz’s DAO for other upcoming projects and apply for Black Cat’s support under one DAO.


We’ve already got started, and prepping for the upcoming events!

Target: blackcatcinema.near

black-cat-cinema.sputnik-dao.near / KYC through @dan_E

Looping in @CatiaCiriaco @raquelareia @StevenR @lvgs759

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