[Proposal] New open-air cinema shows and expanding audience reach

Black Cat Cinema is reaching out to new communities!

We will now be hosting shows at a new location across the city! The goal is to diversify our repertoire of films, and reach an audience that is distinct from our current group, both due to location and film selection.

Funding scheme One month

Project Three shows through 31 July and August in Santos.

Concept Open-air cinema in collaboration with Santos Junta de Fregusia.

The goal is to bring new life to a historical, but unused, area of land through a series of outdoor cinema shows. Similar to at Arroz Estúdios, we will create events that provide more than a film, and instead create a community and encourage a social sharing of filmmaking. Using the heritage of the surroundings, there is a huge opportunity to match the film to the location. And combining these new shows with the established shows at Arroz Estúdios, there will be the potential to create the perfect environment for each film, depending on it’s theme and content.

Previously funded projects: Marketing, Poster art, Mintbase & DAO, Season opening 2022, logo and brand re-design, Estufada Artistica, June.

Collaborators, onboarding & NEAR

  1. We have seen already that it’s possible (with plenty of teaching time) to onboard collaborators and earn their trust in NEAR. We will make regular music and art additions to these events and bring these collaborators into the space.

  2. NEAR awareness: We will include the NEAR logo in the pre-movie screen that is visible for around 20 minutes before each film. With an expected audience size of 150 per show, it will be a very effective way to raise awareness and recognition, because, as we saw with the free wallet and NFT gifts, there is active interest in what NEAR has to offer among the cinema-goers that are not yet onboarded.

  3. We will include these shows in our metaverse platform, planned for later in the summer. Two metaverse spaces, radically different from one another!

  4. NFT ticketing. As mentioned in our report for June, we have had to halt our NFT ticketing due to time constraints on Mintickt’s side. They are planning to have the platform up and running again in full development (it previously beta) in August. They have promised us that we’ll be first in-line for the platform when it is back up and running.

Film schedule:

Lord of the Rings Trilogy
31/07/22 LOTR part 1
07/08/22 LOTR part 2
14/08/22 LOTR part 3

The following events are planned for later in August and early September, so, there will be time to submit a request for these in the August budget and still leave time to prepare for the shows.

Before Trilogy
21/08/22 Before Sunrise
28/08/22 Before Sunset
04/09/22 Before Midnight

July and budget

Pre-production: Council event license (valid for entire run of films) 400€ = 407USD

Musician performances x3 = 600 USD

English to Portuguese translation on communications: 100 USD

Photography 1x event: 80USD

Total: 1187 USD

Target: blackcatcinema.near / KYC through @dan_E

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