[PROPOSAL] Start of summer season. June open-air cinema at Arroz Estúdios

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Funding scheme: One month.

Project: Four open-air cinema shows through June. Start of the summer season! Following on from May proposal.

Links: Instagram, Facebook, website, Mintbase store.

Previously funded projects: Marketing, Poster art, Mintbase & DAO, Season opening 2022, logo and brand re-design.

Other current projects: Estufada Artistica


Five open-air film exhibitions through June, in collaboration with Arroz Estúdios.

A brief introduction to what we do: Black Cat was created to bring an alternative vision of cinema-going to Lisbon. To exhibit the greatest films ever made in beautiful, cultural and social settings. You can read a little more in our introduction here.

May 2022 recap

We have had a great start to the season! So far, all our tickets have sold out in advance, and it’s looking set to continue in June!

To recap on our goals from last month:

Every scheduled event has gone ahead as planned.

One event ran at reduced capacity due to weather conditions, with customers being offered to switch tickets. The Monday collaboration with the black culture group went ahead, with Black Cat’s ticket allocation selling out. But the partner’s ticket allocation selling only 30%.

So, overall we’re currently under our target of 90 attendance per night. But as the weather improves, and collaborations improve too, this is expected to increase.


Our plan is to continue the sessions in July, when another proposal will be submitted to this community.

Initial schedule from 7th June to 28th June

07/06/22 Juno

14/06/22 Interstellar

20/06/22 Flee (World Refugee Day Special)

21/06/22 120BPM (Lisbon Pride Week Special)

28/06/22 Oldboy

NEAR integration recap

1. Drive new traffic to Arroz Estúdios.

The final figures for new memberships for all shows are not yet in. So far we know that new membership rate at the first show was 100%, and will be slightly lower due to some people aready returning for events. Final figures should be in on Monday, and will edit here with an update. Projecting around 95%, or 285 in total.

2. Directly expose our audience to the NEAR name and ecosystem.

Using our audience’s core interests of films and events, we will incorporate NEAR naturally as a part of our public content.

As mentioned in the May proposal, the next round of the poster competition will be going ahead as scheduled this month.

3. NFT ticketing

This finally got off the ground one week later than hoped. Initially planned for 17/05/22, it had a first run on 24/05/22. In total, 22 tickets have been sold via NFT, and food gifts of pizza or popcorn have been included with each purchase. It hasn’t been fully plain sailing, with more practical hurdles to overcome than expected, but we’re getting there.

4. Metaverse

As previously mentioned, planned for later in the summer.

Project updates

Shooting has already taken place for the video content, and will be delivered in late June. Half the still photography was done on 17/05/22, and the second shoot was postponed from 31/05/22 to 14/07/22 due to weather.

June & budget

Basic graphic design for four events. Across four platforms: Facebook, Instagram/Twitter, website.

Film licenses $1,090 total: $650

Special events
World refugee day:
Meetings and organisation with refugee organisations. 150USD

Pride week special:
Musician, and marketing to LGBT+ organisations 300USD

Traditional ticketing: 249USD

Equipment transport x5 : 37USD

English to Portuguese: emails, film and event information: $100

66.6/33.3 split Black Cat DAO and Arroz Criativo DAO

Black Cat Cinema DAO - 990USD

Arroz Creativo DAO - - 495USD


Pre-production has already started and marketing is already out. Last June show on 28/06/22

Target: blackcatcinema.near

black-cat-cinema.sputnik-dao.near / KYC through @dan_E


@raquelareia Heads up!

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