[INTRODUCTION] Meet Black Cat Cinema & DAO

A quick intro to Black Cat Cinema in the Marketing DAO

Based here in Lisbon, Black Cat is all about creating beautiful and alternative experiences of classic, cult, and creative films.

My name’s Dan, and I’ve been running open-air/jungle cinema since since 2014, and I’m passionate about re-imagining the film-going experience. BCC is the latest incarnation, which I founded in August 2021.

I was first introduced to NEAR through @vandal @tabear @StevenR @squattingPigeon, and mintbase by @marianeu. The project has already been introduced to the City Node and the Creatives, but I wanted to engage directly with Marketing DAO as well and let you know what we’re all about!

We’re excited to have our new DAO up and running (thanks to @tabear for all the help!) and getting stuck into the 2022 season!

DAO council
Dan Evans @Dan_E dan802.near
Tim Johnstone @TJ89 timjohnstone.near
Maya Morittu @mayamor mayamorittu.near


We’ve finished up the first run of 30 open-air shows, hosted at Arroz Estúdios. The reception from the folks here in Lisbon has been awesome. :blush: Thank you to all who have been a part of it!


In 2022, the goal is to make alternative cinema experiences a fixture in the Lisbon calendar. There is a huge amount of potential to integrate the film shows with more of what the creative scene has to offer, whether it be art, music, or something else that we dream up!

NEAR integration goals

1) To recruit and work with new creators, collaborators, and artists through the NEAR payments ecosystem and this online platform.

2) Apply for support from the DAOs to create events, raise usage and awareness of NEAR, and incentivise collaborators to join the space.

3) Ticketing and payments. The option to sidestep traditional FIAT payment and ticketing systems in favour of NFTs will be a huge move forward.

We’ve already run a bounty for the first round of an art competition, where artists can reimagine classic film posters. And a second round will follow shortly. The winning entries have been minted into NFTs and are now available in our Mintbase store (with one donated to the Muti store as thanks for all their help!) :blush:

Thanks all. It’s good to be here!


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Black Cat Cinema, Lisbon



Forgot to add our DAO address. You can find it here:

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Hey @BlackCatCinema , Nice Introduction

As you have mentioned your team run an contest , May I know the result and outcome from it .

Can you share us what kind of contest it was , how many participated and what is purpose of that contest .

Thanks :muscle:

Hi @BlackCatCinema thanks for introducing your cinema project. Will be interesting to see how you progress with NEAR integration. Good luck!

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Hi! Thanks!

The contest was an open call here on the forum for artists to re-imagine the theatrical poster of a film of their choice. It’s an often under-appreciated art form, and the idea was inspired by the work of artists at the Polish School Of Posters.

There were four intended purposes of the competition:

  1. To engage the artistic community with BCC; both the competitors that entered, and artists who didn’t enter but saw the final posts. The hope is that higher engagement can lead to future collaborations, particularly for a project like ours which is based in the arts.
  2. To be a point of interest for our online audience and provide them with original content around our central theme of films.
  3. To give aspiring artists a chance to show off their work to a wider audience.
  4. If we can run more similar competitions, the aim is to print and display the works as a gallery at some of our physical events.

This is the original bounty post, which has a bit more info about what was involved:

The artwork has now been replaced on the website, but you can still see the post with the winners on our’s and Muti’s Instagram pages and in our Mintbase stores.

We received ten entries in total, and the three winners were selected on the basis of aesthetic appeal and originality.

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