[PROPOSAL] New shows and expanding audience reach. Vol III

DAOs and project members:

Black Cat Cinema DAO





Funding scheme: One month.

Project: Three open-air cinema shows through 11th September and 25th September. Following on from August proposal.

Links: Instagram, Facebook, website, Mintbase store.

Previously funded projects: Marketing, Poster art, Mintbase & DAO, Season opening 2022, logo and brand re-design, Estufada Artistica, June.

Open-air cinema in collaboration with Santos Junta de Fregusia.

The goal is to bring new life to a historical, but unused, area of land through a series of outdoor cinema shows. Similar to at Arroz Estúdios, we will create events that provide more than a film, and instead create a community and encourage a social sharing of filmmaking. Using the heritage of the surroundings, there is a huge opportunity to match the film to the location. And combining these new shows with the established shows at Arroz Estúdios, there will be the potential to create the perfect environment for each film, depending on its theme and content.

We have been, and will continue to, differentiate these shows with artistic performances and food and drink specials. So far, this is proving extremely popular, even in a city like Lisbon which has so many choices of amazing events on the doorstep!

Ongoing project. A new proposal will be submitted to the community for October, which will be the final month of the season at Santos.

August & beginning of September recap

28/08/22 La Vita e Bella
04/09/22 Before Sunrise

Both shows went ahead as planned, and every single available space was taken!

We brought in the incredible musical stylings of Ugi, a Brazilian musician for La Vita e Bella. He doesn’t take NEAR himself, but a friend has now requested funds for the gig on his behalf.

And for Before Sunrise we welcomed Foggy Project back. Their second gig was just as good as their first, and helped to bring the crowds in early :slight_smile: They have already requested payout for the gig from the Black Cat Cinema DAO. foggyfra.near

The 50$ requested for onboarding and NEARdrop will be carried over from last month. So far, there is still some budget for time and NEARdrop to onboard another 3 or 4 people, so it makes sense to wait until next month to request this again.

Photography 80$ will be carried over from August for photography on 18/09/22. Our original photographer raquelchats.near is leaving for the states, so we need a good replacement!

Collaborators, onboarding & NEAR

  1. We have seen already that it’s possible (with plenty of teaching time) to onboard collaborators and earn their trust in NEAR. We will make regular music and art additions to these events and bring these collaborators into the space.

  2. NEAR awareness: We will continue to include the NEAR logo in the pre-movie screen that is visible for around 20 minutes before each film. With an expected audience size of 150 per show, it will be a very effective way to raise awareness and recognition, because, as we saw with the free wallet and NFT gifts, there is active interest in what NEAR has to offer among the cinema-goers that are not yet onboarded.

We have already had enquiries from a number of customers about what NEAR is, and why it’s up on the screen next to known groups like the Junta de Fregusia, and Santos Collective. So people are paying attention!

  1. We will include these shows in our metaverse platform. Rescheduled for 25th September via [Muti’s metaverse](Nearhub](MutiDAO-Amphitheater | NEAR Hub Online ) :slight_smile: There will be one stream from this venue (Santos) and one stream from Arroz Estúdios
  2. NFT ticketing. As mentioned in our report for July the full version of Mintickt is still not online. So, we are just waiting until they have a full product and we’re ready to go! They have promised us that we’ll be first in-line for the platform when it is back up and running. Let’s go let’s go!

NEAR goals
NEAR awareness - We predict that the NEAR name and brand will be visible to around 450 people over the course of the three shows.

Collaborators. Similarly to Foggy Project and Ugi from August, we will onboard musicians and artistic collaborators into the space.

With the expanding team, we have also been able to onboard the new team members.
So far, teixeira92.near, bnande.near, catarinasm.near, and chanchandler.near. There will certainly be more to come over the next month as we put together a solid and regular events crew :slight_smile:

Schedule for 2nd half of September

11/09/22 Before Sunset
18/09/22 Before Midnight
25/09/22 Moulin Rouge!

September and budget

Film licenses: $875. 65% = 569 USD

English to Portuguese translation on communications: 100 USD

Transport van: $288. 65%: 188 USD

Artist performance x 1 200 USD

Total: 1057 USD

Target: blackcatcinema.near / KYC through @dan_E

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