[Introduction] Near Media News Guild

  • Aim

Our aim is to create an ecosystem for NEAR Protocol global community and enthusiasts, as well as a Media Center, to provide all news

  • Mission

We are experimenting to expanding the reach of the NEAR Ecosystem to the entire blockchain community and publishing the most accurate information of marketplace and community events (AMAs, promotional activities, collaborations) and much more.

  • Vision

Awareness: Inform crypto enthusiasts the NEAR Ecosystem. The goal is to provide easier access to the media about the NEAR community.

Onboard: We will try to bring web2 users into the web3 NEAR ecosystem. We will make every effort to give direction to web2 users as simple as possible.

  • Future

In the future, we intend to introduce our premium plans for communities which are suffering from less engagement

  • Our Social Media Handles

Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @nearmedianews
TG group: Telegram: Contact @nearmedia

  • Our team :-

@Dk_51 - Admin
@Agent54 - Graphic Designer
Parth - Data & News collector
RippleDot* - Social media manager

  • Experience

Our moderators have been working in the NEAR ecosystem and have developed connections with all of the project’s key players.


Due to new account we are not able to add more than 2 links and 2mention we’ll mention that in comment.

  • Our Social Media Handles

Instagram: Login • Instagram
Twitter: twitter.com/nearmedianews


I have noticed your proactivity in covering the breaking news in the Aurora and NEAR ecosystem. I have joined your channels and I keep an eye on your content.

Good job!