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Hey NEARians, good day! We are excited to present our work to the community. Being with you all is a lovely experience, LFG!!

Introduction: [Introduction] Near Media News Guild

Here is the Guild Monthly report for November month categorised according to the following point sections:

  • Zealy
  • Community Transactions
  • Social Media
  • Promoted projects
  • Giveaway, Quiz

1. Zealy Report

Title: Enhancing On-chain Transactions in the Near Ecosystem

Date: 27th December to 11th January

Introduction: This report aims to provide an overview of the recent efforts to increase on-chain transactions within the Near Ecosystem, particularly on the Aurora Network and NEAR. This report highlights the achievements and contributions made towards this mission!

  • Achievements and Contributions:
  1. Participation in the Zealy Event:

    • Achievement: In total 109 individuals participated in the Spirit #4 Zealy event conducted by Near Media News, and a total of 250+ participants now have taken part.
    • Contribution: The event served as a valuable opportunity for the user to engage with the Near community, promote awareness, and build better connections with other users
  2. Onchain Transactions on Aurora Network:

    • Achievement: 430+ on-chain transactions were recorded on the Aurora Network.
    • Contribution: These transactions included activities such as staking on Aurora Plus, playing Wordl,2048. These activities not only demonstrate user engagement but also generate transactional activity within the Aurora Network.
  3. Transactions on Near Mainnet:

    • Achievement: 200+ transactions were executed on the Near Mainnet!
    • Contribution: These transactions encompassed diverse actions, such as posting news related to Near/Aurora on Near Social, staking on the Meta Pool, following other users on Near Social, and building up Near Social profiles.
  • Projects Covered:

    A. Games on Aurora:

    • Contribution: The engagement in gaming activities on Aurora Network, such as playing World 2048 and participating in Hunters Bet, adds to the transactional volume and user interactions within the ecosystem!

    Transactions details:

    • Wordl - 95 Tnx
    • 2048 - 325 Tnx

    B. Staking on Aurora Platform:

    • Contribution: Staking activities on Aurora Plus not only enhance decentralization but also drive on-chain transactions as users participate in staking and unstaking actions.Over 3800+ Aurora Staked on Aurora.plus

    C. Staking on Meta Pool:

    • Contribution: Staking in the Meta Pool, helping to Increase the TVL. Around 500+ Near staked on MetaPool

    D. Near Social:

    • Contribution: More than 90+ Activities on Near Social were achieved in Spirit #4, those include posting news, following others, building profiles, fostering community engagement and contributing to the transactional activity on the Near.

    E. Threads on Projects - 22 Threads posted on Twitter

    As per feedback received Ref and Here wallet is mostly used, so we included a small quest on Ref finance and Here wallet

    • Ref Finance: Swaps of Amounts more than $500 tnx done on Ref finance
    • Here wallet: $300+ Amount of swap performed on Here wallet
    • Pathfinder Quest: 10 people tested Pathfinder at least twice
    • Genadrop: 13 NFTs were minted on Genadrop during the quest

Zealy Transaction Report

  • 2048 - 325 Transactions
  • Wordl - 95 Transactions
  • Staking - 500+ NEAR Staked on MetaPool
  • Aurora plus - 3800+ Aurora Staked
  • Near social - 90+ News posted on Near social
  • News Post on Telegram - 110+ News posted on Near Media chat
  • Threads on Projects - 22 Threads posted on Twitter
  • Ref Finance - Swaps of Amounts more than $500 Transactions done on Ref finance
  • Here wallet - $300+ Amount of swap performed on Here wallet
  • Pathfinder Quest: 10 people tested Pathfinder at least twice

Conclusion: The mission to increase on-chain transactions within the NEAR Ecosystem has seen significant progress through various projects and initiatives. Achievements such as participation in the Zealy event, engagement in gaming activities on Aurora, staking actions on Aurora and Meta Pool, and transactions on Near Social all contribute to a vibrant and active ecosystem.

2. Community Transactions

NEAR TipBot: 20 tips
Aurora TipBot: 163 tips
Near.social: 8 posts

3. Social Media

  • Twitter: In December month we promoted several $NEAR-related projects and shared as many as possible updates of the $NEAR Ecosystem Updates! as well as we have also supported NEAR supporter projects, for example, Aurora updates, and many more updates with the ecosystem dApps thread post!

  • Telegram: Telegram Group chat and announcement channel we use to deliver news posts to the users and discuss the ecosystem updates in the group chat. Users love to have discussions about the updates because most users are using Telegram!

Telegram Announcement: 1555+

Telegram Chat: 2000+

  • NEAR Social: NEAR Social is one of the main aims to invite more and more users there and we hosted community quizzes in the near.social helps to increase transactions via each movement of the Community members!

near.social Followers: 211

  • Instagram: 352+

  • Linkedin: 162

4. Promoted projects

  • We have promoted NEAR Ecosystem updates and partnerships, as well as shared updates of NEAR, Aurora & NDC!
  • We have supported projects by promoting their community activities and updates, and also pushed their community events with our TG community members!

NEAR Foundation
Developer Dao
Build Dao
Mint base
Aurora Community Dao
NEAR Korea
NEAR Balkans
Meteor Wallet
Here Wallet

Here are some of the infographics and announcement posts available here!

5. Giveaways, Quiz, Quest

Hosted a Community weekly Quiz on near.social and telegram with the community members and have been asked community members regarding the most recent updates and news from the NEAR & Aurora Ecosystems Updates! (will have shared rewards in the NEAR tokens via TipBot)

  • Note:
  1. 500 Community NFT giveaway rewards distribution in the process, you can find more details here!
  2. we have not requested any amount for the January month from MDao!

Here are Our Social Media Accounts

Twitter Profile | 10k+ | 0.15k+

Telegram Announcement | 1.55k+

Telegram Group Chat | 1.9k+

Instagram Profile| 0.3k+

Near.social | 0.2k+

Thanks to the @marketingdao-council for your love and support!
NEAR Media!

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please can i get a link to your AMAs and zealy stats not an announcement