[Report] Nov’23 - NEAR Media

Hey NEARians, good day! We are excited to present our work to the community. Being with you all is a lovely experience, LFG!!

Introduction: [Introduction] Near Media News Guild

Here is the Community Monthly report work for November month categorised according to the following points:

  • Zealy
  • Community Transactions
  • Social Media
  • Promoted projects
  • Giveaway, Quest
  • Thread Post

1. Zealy Spirit #3

This comprehensive report provides insights into the various activities and engagement levels across gaming, news sharing, and staking within the Near Protocol community, reflecting a vibrant and committed user base!


~ Aurora Plus:

Tokens Staked: 2700+ Aurora

Substantial engagement, with over 2700 Aurora tokens staked, indicating strong community commitment to supporting and securing the Aurora network!

~ Meta Pool:

Near Tokens Staked: 320+ NEAR

Ongoing interest in staking activities and potential rewards within the NEAR Protocol ecosystem!

Participation in the Zealy Event

~ Achievement: 35+ enthusiastic participants in the Zealy Event orchestrated by NEAR Media!

Contribution: The event facilitated robust user engagement, elevated community awareness, and strengthened interpersonal connections among the users, with overall participation reaching 180+ individuals!

Aurora Games

~ 2048 Game

Transactions: 240+
Active participation showcased high engagement within the Aurora Games initiative!

~ World Game

Transactions: 70+
Widespread interest in gaming activities associated with the Aurora Games!

~ Pathfinder

Transactions: 18+
Eight individuals engaged in the Pathfinder activity, demonstrating focused participation with over 2 times usage!

~ Ref and Here Wallet Swap

Criteria: More than 8 individuals attempted swaps over $10 using Ref and Here wallets!
Notable interest in exploring different wallet functionalities for transactions!

~ GenaDrop BOS Widget NFT Minting

Participants: 8
Growing interest in NFTs within the Near Protocol ecosystem.

~ NEAR Protocol Updates on NEAR Social

News Count: 58+
Dynamic presence with over 58 news and updates related to the NEAR Protocol on Near Social!

Telegram Channel

~ News Count: 55+

Telegram channel emerged as a significant source of information and communication within the community.

~ Twitter Threads on Near Ecosystem Projects:

Thread Count: 15+

The diverse range of projects discussed on Twitter showcases community efforts!

2. Community Transactions

NEAR TipBot: 48 Tips
Aurora TipBot: 189 Tips
Near.social: 18+ comments & posts
Zealy: 3020 tokens[Aurora+NEAR] staked, 8 NFTs Minted, 500+ transactions on ecosystem different dApps
Staked Aurora on Aurora+: 2700+ Aurora
Staked NEAR on MetaPool: 320+ NEAR
Twitter thread post by community members: 15+ posts
near.social updates about NEAR Protocol by community members: 58 news

3. Social Media

  • Twitter: In November we promoted several NEAR Related Projects and shared as many as possible updates of the $NEAR Ecosystem Updates! as well as we have also supported NEAR supporter projects, for example, Aurora updates, and many more updates with the thread post!

  • Telegram: Telegram Group chat and announcement channel we use to deliver news posts to the users and make discussions related to the ecosystem updates in the group chat. Users love to have discussions about the updates because most users are using Telegram!

~ Telegram Announcement: 1593+

~ Telegram Chat: 1900+

  • NEAR Social: NEAR Social is one of the main aims to invite more and more users there and we will host community quizzes in the near.social helps to increase transactions via each movement of the Community members!

Followers: 200+

  • Instagram: 300+

  • Linkedin: 160+

4. Promoted Projects

We have promoted NEAR Ecosystem updates and partnerships, as well as shared updates of NEAR, Aurora & NDC!

We have supported projects by promoting their community activities and updates, and also pushed their community events with our TG community members!

NEAR Foundation
Aurora Community Dao
Here Wallet
Path Finder
Metero Wallet
NDC Voting body
Ref Finance
Sender Wallet
Marma J Gaming
Mental Maze

Here are some of the infographics and announcement posts available here!

5. Giveaway, Quest

  • Here is the announcement post:

Zealy Spirit #3 announcement post!

Community Giveaway!

6. Thread Posts

Note: all the rewards have been shared with the NEAR & Aurora Tipbot and directed to the users near the wallet, and helped to create new wallets for newly joined users!

Thanks to the @marketingdao-council for your love and support!
NEAR Media!