[Report] March'2024 - NEAR Media

Hey NEARians, good day! We are excited to present our work to the community. Being with you all is a lovely experience, LFG!!

Introduction: [Introduction] Near Media News Guild

[Approved] March month Proposal: https://near.org/ndcdev.near/widget/MDAO.App?page=proposals&id=1707386977054

Here is the Guild Monthly report for March categorized into different sections:

  • Community Transactions
  • Social Media
  • Promoted projects
  • Giveaway and AMA
  • Faced Challenges

1. Community Transactions

Zealy Report Spirit5:

Overview of Activities and Achievements in the Near Ecosystem

1. Wordl Transactions:

  • Activity: A total of 150+ transactions were recorded in Wordl, highlighting active user engagement in gaming activities

2. 2048 Transactions:

  • Activity: 2048 witnessed 200+ transactions, indicating a substantial level of user participation and interest in gaming pursuits.

3. Staking on Meta Pool:

  • Activity: The total Near staked on Meta Pool exceeds 575 tokens, reflecting users’ commitment to staking activities and participation in securing the Near blockchain.

  • Details: Notable stakes include Stake #1 (25 NEAR) and Stake #2 (10 NEAR), illustrating varying levels of user engagement.

4. Aurora Plus Staking:

  • Activity: Over 2500 Aurora tokens have been staked on Aurora Plus, underscoring users’ active involvement in securing the Aurora Network and potentially earning rewards through staking.

5. Near Social Engagement:

  • Activity: With over 100 news posts shared on Near Social, users actively contribute to discussions, share updates, and foster community growth on the platform.

6. News Post on Telegram:

  • Activity: Telegram serves as another vital channel for community engagement, with over 60 news posts shared, keeping users informed and facilitating discussions on ecosystem developments.

7. Threads on Projects:

  • Activity: Thirty threads covering various projects were posted on Twitter, demonstrating users’ active promotion of ecosystem initiatives to a wider audience.

8. Ref Finance Transactions:

  • Activity: Transactions involving swaps totalling more than $2200 on Ref Finance indicate significant user activity and liquidity on the platform, contributing to its growth and adoption.

9. Here Wallet Transactions:

  • Activity: Here Wallet witnessed transactions surpassing $1800, indicating users’ trust and preference for the wallet solution in conducting transactions within the ecosystem.

10. Pathfinder Quest Participation:

  • Activity: Fifteen files were shared using the Pathfinder tool, showcasing users’ utilization of collaborative tools to contribute to the ecosystem’s growth and development.

These activities collectively contribute to the Near Ecosystem’s growth, vibrancy, and sustainability, demonstrating community members’ active participation and engagement across various platforms and initiatives.

2. Social Media

  • Twitter: In March month we promoted several NEAR-related projects and shared as many as possible updates of the $NEAR Ecosystem Updates! as well as we have also supported NEAR supporter projects, for example, Aurora updates, and many more updates with the thread post!

  • Telegram: Telegram Group chat and announcement channel we use to deliver news posts to the users and discuss the ecosystem updates in the group chat. Users love to discuss updates because most users use Telegram!
  • Telegram Announcement: 2000+

  • Telegram Chat: 1800+

  • NEAR Social: 220+

  • Instagram: 300+

3. Promoted projects

  • we have promoted NEAR Ecosystem updates and partnerships, as well as we have shared updates of NEAR, Aurora & NDC too!
  • we have supported projects by promoting their community activities and updates, and also pushed their community events with our TG community members!

NEAR Foundation
NEAR Regional Communities
NDC Updates
Chain Abstraction
NEAR weekly updates
Gaming Dao
Stake Tab
NEAR Positive
Sender Wallet
Graph Protocol

Also, we have supported projects via RTs and Quote Tweets…

4. Giveaways, AMAs, Quiz, Zealy, QuestN

Here is the announcement post:


  1. https://twitter.com/NMN_Dao/status/1770848175777063205

  1. https://twitter.com/NMN_Dao/status/1766731088062287981

  1. https://twitter.com/NMN_Dao/status/1775608183647842620

  1. https://twitter.com/NMN_Dao/status/1774875317074813372

5. Faced Challenges

  • Challenge: At the beginning of March, our community Twitter account was permanently suspended for no apparent reason, and after connecting with other regional leaders, we noticed that many regional community Twitter accounts had also been permanently suspended, in the same week!

  • Solution: To avoid Twitter account suspensions, we built a new Twitter community account with 200+ genuine followers, currently have 15k+ monthly impressions, and purchased a Twitter premium!


  • A few unachieved KPIs [2-AMAs, 2 Thread Posts] from previous months, will be accomplished in April month, because we have not asked for any funds for April month!

  • all the rewards have been shared with the NEAR Tipbot and directed to the users near the wallet, and helped to create new wallets for newly joined users!

Our Collab form: https://forms.gle/VeQVpjXBUJKjMccs5

Thanks to the @marketingdao-council for your love and support!
NEAR Media!