[Approved] January + February 2023 NEAR Media & News Guild Social Media Moderation Budget

Hey NEARians, good day! We are excited to present our work to the community. Being with you all is a lovely experience. Please Look out for our proposal

Guild : Near Media & News

Introduction: [Introduction] Near Media News Guild

[Approved] December Month Proposal : [Approved] December 2022 NEAR Media & News Guild Social Media Moderation Budget


January Reports: [Report] January- Near Media & News

December Reports: [Report] December - Near Media & News

Funding scheme: Twice a Month

We already have funding for the month of December, thus we are now applying for funding for the month of January & February. We have pushed a lot of projects, AMAs, guild events, and other things throughout the month and we have also organized AMA and Giveaways in our Guild.

Plans for January and February

We look forward to promoting more NEAR Protocol and Aurora-related activities, as well as collaborating with more and more projects to do so. We are also collaborating with other communities to organize AMA, and giveaways.

And for the Community we organize AMA for this month with Meta Pool.

Funding Details for January and February:

Social Media Telegram

  • Topic : support community members, All NEAR ecosystem updates, infographics, parerships
  • KPIs : increase group members, amount of daily messages
  • Goals For Jan : TG Group- 1100+ ,Announcement- 850+
  • Goals For Feb : TG Group- 1250+ ,Announcement- 1000+
  • Budget : 200$ * 2 = 400

Social Media Twitter

  • Topic : support all projects on NEAR protocol, share news from NEAR, ecosystem updates,infographics, partnerships
  • KPIs : increase group members, amount of daily messages
  • Goals Jan : Follower - 1500+,average 1000 impressions, average 10-15 Likes / tweet
  • Goals Feb : Follower - 2000+,average 1000 impressions, average 10-15 Likes / tweet
  • Budget : 200$ * 2 = 400$

Content Collection And Infographics

  • Topic : All possible infographics to provide NEAR ecosystem projects
  • KPIs : Infographics:- 100+ For Both (Twitter & Telegram)
  • Budget : 500$ * 2 = 1000$

AMA or Giveaway

  • Topic : Hosting an AMA with projects, and our first try is to hold an AMA with outer projects from the NEAR ecosystem, and spreading near ecosystem updates.
  • Topic: For AMA we are already hosted this with the Meta Pool also we are planning two more giveaways and another AMA as well.
  • Budget : 400$

Total: 2200$

Wallet Address: nearmedia.near

Note: Here is our January month report and we’ll share February month report in starting of March’23.

cc: @marketingdao-council

NEAR Media & News


Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?

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Hello Sir, We filled the form.
Thank you!

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@Nearmedianews Thank you for your proposal and your support of the community-driven initiatives. Happy to support you.


Hi @Nearmedianews,

Thanks for your detailed proposal.

Funding Scheme
I see you are looking for 2 months of funding (January and February).
Are you asking us to be retroactively funded for January?

Have you been funded already to do the same work on Aurora?
If so, are you going to be publishing both Auora and Near news on the same channel?

Just wanted to get some deliverables tied to the group.

How many posts and what types of posts will you produce per month?

How many posts and what types of posts will you produce per month?

Content Collection And Infographics
Just so I understand, you will collect 100+ infographics (that someone else created) and repost them on TG for $1000?

AMA or Giveaway
For one AMA, you are proposing $400?

Do you have examples of AMAs you’ve produced in the past?
Previously, we’ve awarded proposals for half this price, would you be willing to lower the cost?

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Thanks for your proposal and your patience.

I support this proposal. Please note the following:

  • I’ve taken into account that the work has mostly been completed and that the price point is low on a per monthly basis.
  • Important to note that the Marketing DAO is currently assessing the role of the ‘amplifier agencies’ and we will be increasingly shifting towards a bounty based model where we work with partners to request specific content aligned with strategic goals.
  • Some of the metrics from the report are ‘vanity metrics’ - numbers on social media that lack proper context or that can be tied up to growth metrics, etc.



hey @klint, Thanks for your attention!

Our last proposal was approved for the month of December, After that we have asked for January + February month proposal, here is our January monthly report work>> [Report] January - Near Media & News

No sir we have not asked for any kind of fund for this work in Aurora yet.

  • 120+ Posts per month

Our aim is only that

  • Promote Near ecosystem projects
  • Projects partnership
  • Ecosystem News
  • Promote events, contest, AMA

1. Analytics:

2. AMA

3. Partnership

4. News Posts

5. Overview

no sir, we collect ecosystem news & support ecosystem projects

No our graphic designers believe in designing the graphic themselves…

We are not only in Telegram but also in

900$ per month [Included graphics + SMM + Data Analyst & interns]

no sir, it’s for 2 months community member rewards [ for AMA + Contest + Event + Tips + Wallet creation + etc]

yep, please check this one we’ve hosted AMA with meta pool and our AMA topic is Meta bond>> https://twitter.com


Thanks, Have a Great Day!

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Hi @Nearmedianews i have reviewed your proposal and the comments from fellow council.

I am willing to support on this occasion but would echo the comments from @satojandro regarding future funding. Moving to Approved

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Hey @marketingdao-council ,

Thank you for support here is our poll voting link