[APPROVED] August 2022 NEAR Media & News Guild Social Media Moderation Budget

Hi NEAR Fam! We’re excited to showcase our work here. It’s a wonderful experience to be with you all. Please Look out for our proposal.

  • Guild name: NEAR Media & News
  • Funding scheme: Monthly

We started in mid-July. We mainly promoted Near protocol activities such as TG AMAs and nearcon events during our first month. Also, we choose to promote random projects to get more engagement.

We promoted with these NEAR ecosystem projects.

  • Near protocol activities
    (TG AMAs and nearcon)
  • Marketplaces
    (Paras, Mintbase, Few and Far, Uniqart)
  • Staderlabs
  • Nearstarter

Plans of the September

We started a collaboration with projects for their promotional activities for September month.
We intends to promote projects as well as NEAR Protocol events on a daily basis.

Mission: We are experimenting to expanding the reach of the NEAR Ecosystem to the entire blockchain community and publishing the most accurate information of marketplace and community events (AMAs, promotional activities, collaborations) and much more. And also in future we are planning to merge web2 audience into the web3 ecosystem.

Funding Details for August

Content & News Collector: 150$
Graphics Designer: 200$
Social Media Manager [Twitter, Instagram] : 200$
TG Moderator: 200$

Additional Required amount for Giveaway & Contests: 200$

Total: 950$

wallet Address: nearmedia.near

NEAR Media & News


Great … i love this movement


Loved the content, idea & execution. Would love to see you guys continue with same pace :relaxed:


Hello Nearmedia
How are you ?

Good to see your proposal post, I have a query, as you guya falls under media category, can you tell me how are you guys different from nearweek, near insider, nearity, nearians, near daily and so on as they all doing sharing news with analytics, research of near ecosystem and i think they all are funded. So why you think this will be funded too ??



Hey Karan !!
We are all fine.

We will be happy to answer your question…

Yes, I am aware that NEAR Media & News shares many similarities with other projects in the NEAR ecosystem.

Our aim is not only to provide news, NMN aims to spread awareness about a variety of contests, Events, Gaming activities, AMA, Bounty, etc. happening in the $NEAR Ecosystem, We provide such information to people all over the world [Globally] so that more and more people know about it and can participate in it.

And also
For example, you can see the photo below, There is a lot of information that people themselves share with each other

1. NMN TG Channel:

One more example, As there are many communities that have recently begun their journeys in the NEAR, these Communities/projects organize events, games, contests, and AMA. However, despite the fact that the fund is invested there, the outcome is not favorable. so we promote it and it is our aim that more and more people participate in it.

This will also make people more aware to participate in the ecosystem.

And for the future, we hope to

  1. promote as many projects as possible on the NEAR Ecosystem
  2. integrate Web2 audiences into the Web3 Ecosystem.

Have a Good Day!!


Thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face:

I think others media channels also targetting globally as i read there proposal they not targetting regionals area. Regarding varieties of events sharing. I am sending two screenshot

One is sharing Ama events and other sharing regarding gaming ecosystem and other thing.

Serving Same purpose.

Its just suggestion to marketing Dao team, i know you guys are fully dedicated to near , but there are many groups who are working on media section and they too funded, i dont know why ? Because everyone have same vision to promote near ecosystem news to global audience, or i am missing something.

You publish news and all kinds of contests, this is a good job. Where do you get the news from and who is the source of the contests? How do you differ from the official channels and language guilds where news is also published?
Thx :blush:


Thanks for providing last month’s report and this month’s proposal.

Before I continue to support this project, I’d like to get to know the team behind it. Are you going to be at NEARCON? Alternatively, we can arrange for a call (DM you my calendar in case the team won’t be at NEARCON)


According to awesomenear, there are currently more than 700 projects on the near ecosystem, and there are many more that are in the planning stages. Our main goal is to encourage such new projects and promote them so that they can reach their intended audience.

If you have any suggestions that we can put into practice soon, please do.


Hey @pathfinder !!

Our moderators are active in all of the community/project groups, and for further assurance, we confirm from the admins of that group.

The majority of official channels(New Project) have a limited audience base, which limits the news they can provide. This is where we come in. NMN do: 1) Promote that news on our social media accounts; 2) spread that news among all relevant groups where it can gain attention;

Additionally, we set a goal for this month to partner with roughly 20 projects. We have already partnered with 10 projects, and we will soon announce them.

Have a Great Day!!

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Hello sir,
Thanks for your response.

Here is our Team>> [Introduction] Near Media News Guild

Can you Please mention your available dates, so that we can match the meeting dates because our team will not be attending NEARCON.


Already NEAR INSIDER is here. And they are doing well. So why another News shareing platform need?


Not only near Insider but many, people think just little bit improvise in the proposal and they will get the approval…

If it will be funded then surely i will think near focusing more on media news platform , unfortunately.

Yeah sure, Near block is also there and many more :slightly_smiling_face: i don’t know what happened with council members. Don’t support those type of copy paste ideas.
Thanks :pray:

I don’t know why, but every account asking a question here is either brand-new or only a few days old.

I believe everyone has the right to ask questions, but I feel that some mutual enmity comes out and weakens our mental fortitude…

This is what I am seeing here in past few questions​:slightly_smiling_face:

Now let’s get back to your questions, I’ll answer each of your questions in depth during the meeting​:innocent:


If the questions are genuine then their is not point to questions about brand new accounts… you dont want that new people coming to forum and ask questions ?

I know whats going on forum and Tg groups. First bunch of people trying to see the flaw on the ecosystem funds and taking advantage to get funded…i just dont want to say more to spoil your proposal.
I had an genuine concern and i asked. I will leave to marketing team to think about every aspect, they are matured enough.


I have never said anything like that to anyone

These are your thoughts.

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Has your proposal not been considered yet? It’s been 17 days. You are one of the Near news channels that actively distributes ecosystem information. Let me give you a helping hand. @illia , @marieke.flament , could you discuss the work of marketing consuls? What is the reason for this? This problem is observed in many directions. The first problem is the timely consideration of proposals. The second point is Voting on Astro DAO, some forum participants submit repeated votes due to the fact that consuls do not vote in a timely manner. The consideration of KYC and the sending of funds also fluctuates at the discretion and mood of providers and moderators. This is a serious problem that suspends effective work. I ask you to consider these problems in the near future. I will tag a few more projects where there is still no response from the consuls and moderators.
Thx :blush:

Hi @Nearmedianews thank you for your proposal.

Increasing the number of projects focused on promoting NEAR and expanding the reach is something i can support.


Hi @Nearmedianews – thanks for the proposal. To answer questions from the Community about funding multiple “media” accounts in the ecosystem, my perspective is that competition and multiple media entities producing news is good – it helps to bring many different perspectives into the public light and to show different ways of approaching the same problem.

This is a reasonable amount of funding to request to continue this as an experiment for another month. I recommend focusing on creating growth and engagement that you can tie to specific KPIs as we are in a climate where we need to be able to show that marketing funding is resulting in growth of the NEAR ecosystem, active use of wallets, onboarding of new developers, etc., vs. follower counts on social media.

@pathfinder the council posted about delays earlier in the month to make it clear how operations would be affected by NEARCON and a number of other issues affecting the community funding verticals at the moment. I don’t think this thread is the relevant/productive place for that conversation.