[Report] June - NEAR Ecosystem News Stream + NEAR Media & News

Hey NEARians, good day! We are excited to present our work to the community. Being with you all is a lovely experience.

Project Introduction: [Introduction] Near Media News Guild

[Approved] June month Proposal: [Approved] June 2023 NEAR Ecosystem News Stream + NEAR Media & News Guild

Here is the Guild Monthly report for June categorized into 2 sections:

NEAR Ecosystem News Stream

  • Activities in June
  • Goals For July

NEAR Media & News

  • Social Media
  • Promoted projects
  • Giveaway and AMA
  • Activities in June

1. NEAR Ecosystem News Stream

  • Activities in June

In June, we have done several activities to contribute to the near ecosystem news stream, a few of them described in the below sections!

Tracked Daily community activities on their social media platforms

It helps us to track the data of the community’s daily KPIs, as well as doing this we can easily identify the community growing activities on a weekly and monthly basis and how much they are growing, and we can also identify the bot activities doing this!

Invites Leaders to Add upcoming weekly plans to the Spreadsheet

With the help of the upcoming weekly plans details will be creating a thread post for the community thread post and will be shared on NEAR Media, as well as with help of this will determine the total number of events that have been done by the NEAR Regional Communities!

Here is one of the Thread Posts available that we have created this week!
and we got a good response in this thread post and also got some invitations from the Ecosystem Projects to add their weekly activities in this thread post!

Verified Community Social media platform links

For Ecosystem News Stream we have collected the community’s social media platforms links and verified them with all regional community leaders!

Created a Group Chats

For better and more detailed discussion we have created a separate group chat with regional communities leaders! and added their team core members too, so doing this we can easily ask the team to amplify any particular news & will share more available suggestions to the team to grow more, and many more!

Launched $NEAR Ecosystem News Stream

In the month of June, we have been successfully launched the NEAR ecosystem News stream, and from July starting we moving to track community activities in the spreadsheet! so doing that we are able to see how much the community is continuously contributing to the ecosystem updates and how many of their Community members were aware of each piece of news from NEAR Protocol.

Review Community Report Work

Our team was working on community monthly report review work, in which they are collecting data on the community have planned KPIs x Community achieved KPIs, and their monthly activities of total numbers of hosted AMAs, Quiz, and other events!

Telegram Bot Activity

The team has been collecting data from each community telegram chat, and working on the best tool that has been collecting the data on telegram chat group members’ activity and finding the total number percentage, how many dead accounts and bots that have been joined during the previous week… so basis on this will be able to notify the leaders that community needs to clean the bots and dead accounts from their group chat…

It was one of the tracked data of Telegram community member’s activity(Normal users/Dead Accounts/Bots)

Track Community Daily Activity

Since July month starting we will collecting activities community news post-sharing activity and tracking this data In the spreadsheet!

and doing many more things to contribute to the NEAR Ecosystem News Stream, Thanks for your love & support, feel free to ask If you have any type of query related to this report work!

2. NEAR Media & News

Social Media

  • Twitter: In the Month of June we promoted several NEAR Related Projects and shared as many as possible updates of the $NEAR Ecosystem Updates! as well as we have supported NEAR supporter projects, for example, Aurora updates, and many more updates with the thread post!

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 9.34.13 AM

  • Telegram: Telegram Group chat and announcement channel we are using to deliver news post to the users and make discussions related to the ecosystem updates in the group chat, and users love to make discussion related to the updates because most of the users was using telegram!

Group Chat: 1302

Announcement Channel: 1154

  • NEAR Social: NEAR Social is one of the main aims to invite more and more users there and we going to host community quizzes in the near.social helps to increase transactions via each movement of the Community members!

Promoted projects

we have also promoted NEAR Ecosystem updates and partnerships, as well as we have shared updates of NEAR, Aurora & NDC too!

We have supported projects by promoting their community activities and updates, and also pushed their community events with our community members!

NEAR Regional Communities
NEAR Foundation
Mint base
Now Payments
NEAR Horizon
Token Proof
Encode Hackathon
Skoda Verse India
NDC Updates
ETH Global Waterloo

Here are some of the infographics and announcement posts available here!

  1. Announcement Post: https://twitter.com/nearmedianews/status/1664656478521933824

  2. AMAs Announcement Post: https://twitter.com/nearmedianews/status/1665906617861435393

  3. Supported Communities Template: https://twitter.com/nearmedianews/status/1671828817344864256

  4. Normal Template: https://twitter.com/nearmedianews/status/1662193734874722308

Giveaway, AMAs, Quiz

In the month of June, we have done several activities to boost community social media platforms, and community members were engaged with the events!

  1. We hosted a community active members contest for the telegram and created a topic that users can make discussion related to the NEAR, Aurora related updates and discuss with other users we got a good response there and many users have participated to us!

Here is the announcement post: https://twitter.com/nearmedianews/status/1668930549019459591

  1. Hosted a Community weekly Quiz With the community members and have been asked community members regarding the most recent updates and news from the NEAR & Aurora Ecosystems Updates! (will have shared rewards in the Aurora tokens via TipBot)

Here is the announcement post: https://twitter.com/nearmedianews/status/1671067677757181953

  1. We have collaborated with the LM DAO to onboard more new users to the NEAR ecosystem, and we got a good response from there!

Here is the announcement post: https://twitter.com/dao_lm/status/1671019962713112577

  1. Hosted special AMA with the TNEsociety, In which Alphaflex founder of TNEsociety have been joined us and shared some of the great thoughts that how they have contributed to the NEAR Ecosystem, and what their Future plans to onboard the users to the NEAR Ecosyetem, and lots of the community members have been asked their own questions and queries with the TNEsociety team members!

Here is the announcement post: https://twitter.com/nearmedianews/status/1673618064590422017

  1. Today will be hosting AMA with the team Aurora India, and they will be representing the aurora most recent updates and upcoming future plans of the aurora India to onboard more users to the ecosystem!

Here is the announcement post: https://twitter.com/nearmedianews/status/1674210386395144192

  1. Hosted a community giveaway with the Aurority to boost our near.social profiles!

Here is the announcement post: https://twitter.com/Aurority_com/status/1673647812599488516

Note: all the rewards have been shared with the NEAR & Aurora Tipbot, and helped to create new wallets for newly joined users!

Our Team has created a spreadsheet for the rewards distribution to the community members!

You can find all the details here: NEAR Media Rewards Distribution - Google Sheets

Activities in June

  1. Promoted NEAR & Aurora Related Projects
  2. Organised Community Contest
  3. Hosted AMAs
  4. Created Thread Post of NEAR Projects
  5. Onboarded news users to the Ecosystem
    and many more…
  • will be also supporting projects AMAs via TipBot to the users who share screenshots of the joined spaces, as well as if any users can share any interesting topic to the group chat then will tip them!

Here are Our Social Media Accounts:

Twitter Profile | 4.7k+

Telegram Group Chat | 1.3k+

Telegram Announcement | 1.1k+

Instagram Profile| 0.2k+

Near.social | 66

Our Collab form:

Thanks to the @marketingdao-council @rc-admins for your love and support!
NEAR Media!


Great work done here team.

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