[Report] November - Near Media & News

Project Introduction: [Introduction] Near Media News Guild 2

Month: November | Approved Proposal | Amount: $900

October Report: Reference

Previous Month Statistics

Twitter 750Followers
Telegram Channel 607 Members
Telegram group 530 Members

November Month Statistics

Here is the Guild Monthly report for the month of October categorized into 4 sections

1.Social Media
2.Promoted projects
3.Goals For December

  1. Social Media
  • Twitter:
Followers 1019 (New follower = 269)
Total Tweets 107
Tweet Impression 49.7K
Profile visit 11.5K
Mention 392

  • Telegram Group chat: Members = 795

  • Telegram Channel:
    Members = 654
  1. Promoted projects

We have promoted 24-25 projects this month that are either directly or indirectly related to the NEAR ecosystem.

Bitcoin Suisse
Few & Far NFT
Stader NEAR
Here wallet
Meta Transactions
My NEAR Wallet
Leap Board
Marma J Con
NEAR Foundation
Social Pol
NEAR Miami Art Week

  1. Goals For December
1. Twitter 1.3K+ Followers
2. Telegram Channel 800+ Members
3. Telegram group 950+ Members
4. Instagram 200+ Followers

Also, we are promoting small guilds and new projects as well also our Partnership Form is open for all $NEAR/Aurora Related communities and projects.

  • We are creating an NEAR ecosystem news channel by gathering the Leaders of all the regional communities… [Dm us if you’re a leader of the any NEAR regional community and haven’t joined our ecosystem leaders group chat yet]
  • A list has also been prepared, which contains information about all the NEAR regional communities
  • We also plan to open a medium account where we post one medium per week, In which we will support regional communities and describe $NEAR Weekly updates
  • This is our Telegram $NEAR ecosystem news channel which was launched 2 days ago
  • We have also hosted a Giveaway with Nearity which will be announced in a few days…
  • We expect to support more than 35 $NEAR projects in the month of December
  • etc

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Thanks NEAR Fam!