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Hey NEARians, good day! We are excited to present our work to the community. Being with you all is a lovely experience, LFG!!

Introduction: [Introduction] Near Media News Guild

[Approved] NEAR Media & News - October, 2023([Approved] NEAR Media & News - October, 2023)

Here is the Guild Monthly report for October categorised into 1 section:

  • Community Transactions
  • Social Media
  • Promoted projects
  • Giveaway and AMA
  • Zealy
  1. Community Transactions & Achievement

NEAR TipBot: 58 Tips
Aurora TipBot: 95 Tips
Near.social: 79 comments & posts
Zealy: 3500+ transactions on ecosystem different dApps
Staked Aurora on Aurora+: 5.1k+ Aurora
Staked NEAR on MetaPool: 1.6k+ NEAR
Twitter thread post by community members: 27+ posts

  1. Social Media
  • Twitter: In October we promoted several NEAR Related Projects and shared as many as possible updates of the $NEAR Ecosystem Updates! as well as we have also supported NEAR supporter projects, for example, Aurora updates, and many more updates with the thread post!


Note: This Twitter account was our backup account: https://twitter.com/NEARmedia_

  • Telegram: Telegram Group chat and announcement channel we use to deliver news posts to the users and make discussions related to the ecosystem updates in the group chat. Users love to have discussions about the updates because most users are using Telegram!

Telegram Announcement: 1490+

Telegram Chat: 1298

  • NEAR Social: NEAR Social is one of the main aims to invite more and more users there and we will host community quizzes in the near.social helps to increase transactions via each movement of the Community members!

Followers: 186+

  • Instagram: 302+

  1. Promoted projects

We have promoted NEAR Ecosystem updates and partnerships, as well as shared updates of NEAR, Aurora & NDC!
We have supported projects by promoting their community activities and updates, and also pushed their community events with our TG community members!

NEAR Foundation
Here wallet
Aurora Community Dao
NEAR & Aurora Hunters
NDC Voting body
Mint base
Ref Finance
Sender Wallet
Near Turkey
NDC Election
Freelancer Dao
NEAR Balkans
Marma J Gaming

Here are some of the infographics and announcement posts available here!

  1. Giveaways, AMAs, Quiz, Zealy

Hosted a Community weekly Quiz on near.social and telegram with the community members and have been asked community members regarding the most recent updates and news from the NEAR & Aurora Ecosystems Updates! (will have shared rewards in the NEAR tokens via TipBot)

  • Here is the announcement post:

  • Hosted an AMA with metapool, about metapool’s governance!

  1. Zealy

Title: Enhancing On-chain Transactions in the Near Ecosystem

Date: 13th - 28th October, 2023

  • Introduction: This comprehensive report aims to present a thorough overview of the recent concerted efforts directed towards amplifying on-chain transactions within the Near Ecosystem, with a specific focus on the NEAR And Aurora. The report accentuates the notable accomplishments and significant contributions made in furtherance of this critical objective!

Achievements and Contributions:

  1. Participation in the Zealy Event:
  • Achievement: A total of 79 enthusiastic participants engaged in the spirited #2 Zealy event orchestrated by Near Media News, with the overall participation count reaching 150+ individuals to date.

  • Contribution: The event provided an invaluable platform for fostering robust user engagement within the Near community, elevating community awareness, and forging stronger interpersonal connections among the users!

  1. Onchain Transactions on Aurora Network:
  • Achievement: The Aurora Network facilitated a noteworthy 1180+ on-chain transactions.

  • Contribution: These transactions encompassed a spectrum of activities, including active staking on Aurora Plus, immersive participation in the popular Wordl, 2048, and dynamic engagement in the engaging Hunters Bet. These interactions not only underscore heightened user participation but also significantly contribute to the overall transactional vitality within the Aurora Network!

  1. Transactions on Near Mainnet:
  • Achievement: Over 450 transactions were successfully executed on the Near Mainnet.

  • Contribution: These transactions included news of Near/Aurora on the Near Social platform to active staking endeavours within the Meta Pool, fostering reciprocal connections with fellow users on Near Social, and establishing robust Near Social profiles!

Projects Covered:

A.Games on Aurora:

  • Contribution: The spirited engagement in diverse gaming activities on the Aurora Network, including the immersive Wordl, 2048, and the Hunters Bet, significantly boosts the overall transaction volume and fortifies user interactions within the ecosystem.

B. Staking on Aurora Platform:

  • Contribution: Staking operations conducted on Aurora Plus not only foster a decentralised environment but also fuel on-chain transactions, as users actively partake in staking and unstaking activities. The impressive tally of over 5.1k Aurora Staked on Aurora.plus

C. Staking on Meta Pool:

  • Contribution: The active participation in the Meta Pool staking initiative has notably contributed to the marked increase in the Total Value Locked (TVL), signifying the escalating transactional momentum within the ecosystem. The impressive staking tally of around 1.5k NEAR staked on MetaPool during the campaign!

D. Near Social:

  • Contribution: The dynamic engagement witnessed on Near Social, including the news updates within the Near Ecosystem!

E. Threads on Projects:

  • Contribution: A total of 25+ engaging threads were prominently featured on Twitter, covering projects within the Near Ecosystem!

  • User Preference Insights: Based on substantial user feedback, it has been determined that Ref and Here wallet have emerged as the preferred most used Dapp in the Near Ecosystem. Consequently, a quest was been added, where performing transactions on Ref Finance and Here Wallet was required

F. Ref Finance: Notably, the impressive execution of swaps amounting to more than $400 tnx on Ref Finance is achieved!

G. Here Wallet: Additionally, the transactional volume surpasses $150, executed seamlessly via the Here Wallet!

  • Conclusion: Transactions have been noted to be higher than they were at the previous Zealy event. There is a noticeable difference. Through a number of programs and initiatives, the goal of increasing on-chain transactions inside the Near Ecosystem has made substantial progress. A thriving and dynamic ecosystem is facilitated by accomplishments like taking part in the Zealy event, playing games on Aurora, staking actions on Aurora and Meta Pool, and transactions on Near Social!

Note: all the rewards have been shared with the NEAR & Aurora Tipbot and directed to the users near the wallet, and helped to create new wallets for newly joined users!

We apologise for the Twitter KPIs, due to some internal issues and late fund delivery we have not produced many ann and infographic posts on the Twitter platform, but instead, we have focused on other activities! (Will try our best this November month, to cover up the KPI)

Here are Our Social Media Accounts:

Twitter Profile | 6.5k+ | 0.15k+

Telegram Announcement | 1.5k+

Telegram Group Chat | 1.29k+

Instagram Profile| 0.3k+

Near.social | 0.19k+

Thanks to the @marketingdao-council for your love and support!
NEAR Media!


Thanks for the report – are the analytics missing here? Can you clarify?

  • Twitter: In the Month of October we promoted several NEAR Related Projects and shared as many as possible updates of the $NEAR Ecosystem Updates! as well as we have also supported NEAR supporter projects, for example, Aurora updates, and many more updates with the thread post!


Note: This Twitter account was our backup account: https://twitter.com/NEARmedia_

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aah, sorry about that, just updated the report work, thanks for pointing out the issue!

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