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Project Introduction: [Introduction] Near Media News Guild
Month: September
August Report: Reference

Previous Month Statistics

Twitter :- 350 Followers
Telegram Channel :- 297 Members
Telegram group :- 218 Members

September month Statistics

  1. Twitter :


  1. Telegram Statistics :

Telegram Group:- During this month, our overall number of Telegram users increased by 96, bringing the total to approximately 316 users.

Telegram Channel :- The total number of people using our Telegram channel climbed by roughly 50 over the month of September, bringing the total number to approximately 350 users.

  1. Partnerships : In September, we have partnered with total of five different projects to promote the NEAR ecosystem.
  • @play_on_near
  • @LacroveNFT
  • @NEARStarter
  • @ThespiansDao
  • @burlequedao

Not only partner project we was promoted we also promote other guilds and projects as well.

For collaboration, please fill Partnership Form & get in touch with us.

  • Goals For October
  1. Twitter : 650+ Followers
  2. Telegram Channel : 500+ Members
  3. Telegram Group: 500+ Members
  4. We Are activating our IG as well : 150 Followers
  • Also we are promoting small guilds and new projects as well also our Partnership Form is open for all $NEAR Related communities and project. :slight_smile:

Contact us:

Thanks NEAR Fam!