[Guide] The Creatives DAO Funding

How to apply to the Creatives DAO

The NEAR Community is streamlining rewards for our Guild contributors and Guild leaders can submit proposals to any DAOs on behalf of individual contributors, or ask them to submit on their own.

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is an on-chain governance mechanism to help decentralized organizations make decisions in a trust minimized and open way. All of the council members (those that vote on proposals), proposals, and payouts are all public and auditable on the NEAR blockchain [Source: Createbase SputnikDAO description 3].

Here is how you can get started:

  1. Start discussion by joining a Guild and/or creating a forum topic introducing your DAO 6 with your suggested affiliated tag(s) (ex. ‘createbase-dao’) to be set up for you
  2. Review available Astro DAOs and Sputnik DAOs to better understand their purposes and resources
  3. Ask council members for opinions regarding the proposal in development
  4. Submit a proposal to the appropriate Astro or Sputnik DAO once it has been approved in the forum.

How the Creatives DAO fits:

Any group for and by creatives within the NEAR community can form its own decentralized autonomous organization (or DAO) to submit proposals to the Creatives DAO for funding and support to launch their creative projects. Existing Creative Guild leaders (i.e. from Createbase, NxM Guild, VR DAO) will also be asked to submit their proposals to the Creatives DAO, so that under this new vertical organization of governance and funding dispersal, the Creatives DAO will become the overarching body for all creative contributors in the NEAR ecosystem.


The Creatives DAO Funding Guide:

Individual Creatives:

We suggest individuals and groups go through the corresponding specialist Guild (ex. music projects would go to the NxM Guild) to request project funding instead of through the Creatives DAO directly. All of these individual project proposals will need to be passed through a Guild/DAO to be appropriately vetted. If the proposal is successful and approved at the Guild/DAO level, then the corresponding specialist Guild/DAO will include that proposal as part of their monthly submission to the Creatives DAO for funding.

Creative Guilds:

Guild leaders (i.e. leaders and council members of Createbase, VR DAO, and other creative guilds) are asked to submit a funding proposal summarising all members’ approved creative activities on a monthly basis until the 7th of each month. At this time, the Creatives DAO will not be looking at long-term funding proposals.


The maximum monthly budget for DAOs/Guilds pursuing creative projects is USD $5,000 and the specifications for submitting this collective funding proposal are listed here. This is part of a [continuous discussion within the community](link: Guilds' Tiering System: An evolutionary Path for Community Development), so it is expected to suffer changes in the short term.

Funding approval will be at the discretion of the Creatives DAO council based on the quality of the individual proposals submitted, and in relation to previous successful proposals. More ambitious proposals will be addressed on a case-by-case basis in conversation with the respective Guild leader(s).

A note regarding the expected value of council work within each DAO. At this moment, we suggest a maximum of 30% of the total requested value to be allocated for these specific tasks, ideally less. The more the money is spread in each community, the better.


This is about to change; when NF has more information about how payouts will be processed this will be updated. For now, things continue as before:

The payments are done through the Creatives DAO with funds granted through the Community Squad DAO. Once the project has been approved and the deliverables completed, you will get a green light from us to submit a payout proposal (as described below) and the money will be sent to your wallet. After the initial payment, we will expect a report on the previous payout’s success before accepting a new payout request. More information here regarding recommended structure for this report: [Guide] How to submit monthly reports to the Creatives DAO 9.

Some projects can be very large and ambitious, and the Creatives DAO Council may decide to only fund part of the project at the time of proposal. The council will be sure to discuss with the proposal (Guild) lead which part of the project is more suited for the DAO to fund.

For a detailed step-by-step breakdown of how to submit a funding proposal, see our How to submit a funding proposal to the Creatives DAO post.

We look forward to seeing your creative proposals and please reach out to the Creatives DAO council members (@creativesdao-council) if you have any questions or comments!


It would be great to visually convey these changes we’re making to the funding flows in an infographic to make this guide more approachable and the Creatives DAO is in need of a general branding identity creation (logo, website, etc.). Since @bianca already has familiarity with the NEAR Creative Community, I would like to tap her to assist us with this. Bianca, please comment here with your agreement & requested payout! The timeline is set for the creation of a CreativesDAO logo, logo header, and infographic for this post by this Friday, May 28.

And maybe soon there will be a Creative Marketing DAO that will be able to handle requests like this in the future :wink:


Hi @mecsbecs! Thank you for thinking of me for this. This was a really exciting and fun creative project to take on.

Based on the current price of NEAR (3.2 USD), I would like to ask for 60 NEAR for the creation of:

  • Creative identity: colour palettes, font pairing, icons, research
  • Logo creation
  • Header creation
  • Infographic creation
  • Revisions

target: bianca.near