[Proposal] Expand CODAME Social Media and Promotion

CODAME’s mission is to promote diversity in art + tech, and promote the artists we work with. We have had a big focus on NFTs and onboarding and want to promote these pieces so artists sell NFTs and be part of the larger NEAR community.

A key aspect of that is expanding our social media presence and reach to build community. We’d like to create roles for social media content creators and promoters to build our community. We’d also be using funds to pay for post promotions and to extend our reach on our twitter and instagram channel.

We are requesting 250N a month for the months of June and July (total of 500N) to pay people for their time for their roles.

In June we launched FRAMEWORLD, the first in a new series of quarterly art shows featuring NEAR NFT in our shop on mintbase.io. Our Tweet impressions went from 19k in May to 36.7k in June. After the FRAMEWORLD opening we continued to promote the NFTs with auctions and workshops, maintaining a reach of 29.4K in July.

One of the CODAME artists had her work from FRAMEWORLD shown in Times Square!

Our long term goal is to establish CODAME ART+TECH as a Guild and DAO on NEAR. As a not-for-profit organization running over 10 years we have always been a collective. By moving our governance into a DAO we can do a better job of paying administrators for their effort. In the coming months we plan to:

  • Launch a social token
  • Find a community manager and run auctions on our discord
  • Dedicate folks to tiktok and our mailing list
  • Embed NFT sales on our website
  • Establishing ART NODE partners in physical locations who can give our quarterly art shows a corporeal presence.
  • Planning our next quarterly show

Thank you!


Hey there @quinn_tessentialy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Thank you for taking the time to put this proposal together, but I feel as though it may be a bit premature?

The Creatives DAO does not fun community activities retroactively & it seems as though the CODAME is not yet in the position to immediately start a guild:

I’d suggest applying once again when you are looking to launch a DAO on NEAR :ok_hand:t4: as that is the current structure under which the Creative’s DAO operates (more info here: [Guide] The Creatives DAO Funding)

I would definitely suggest looking to this guide: How to apply for funding with Createbase - Createbase for projects that CODAME conducts that are built on Mintbase. And there are many other guilds to look to fir support as CODAME builds and gets ready to launch a Guild/DAO.

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