[Guide] Start a new Creative Guild/Community at NEAR

[How To] Start a new Creative Guild/Community at NEAR

Are you a Creative Guild Leader within the NEAR ecosystem?

If you’re interested in forming and leading a specific kind of creative community group please check that it does not already exist. If it does exist, great, please feel free to join whichever community you’d like. If it doesn’t, then this guide may be for you.

First things first, head to the NEAR Guild website and click “Apply Now”.

Now for the Public Welcome!

The rest of the process is simple:

  1. Please submit a “New Topic” in the Creatives - NEAR Forum category and put your Guild/Community’s name in the title.

  2. Tell us who you are and what your community is all about!

  • Is there something special about your community?
  • We need to know about you so we can figure out how to best support your community.
  1. Do you have a few key members with NEAR accounts? Please list those as well.
  • We need to know who is going to take on-chain responsibility for funds.
  • Transparency is important, knowing who is leading the community helps us with accountability.
  1. Please let us all know how to get in touch with your community.
  • Does your community have a website?
  • Do you have social channels set up?
  • Where does your community chat?
  1. Please pick a Discourse/Forum “tag”
  • When you create your post, you will be able to add tags to it. Please pick a tag that appropriately reflects your community and use it for all of your community’s forum posts.
  • Examples: Creatives → creatives-dao / Createbase → createbase-dao / NxM Guild → nxm-dao

Here is an example of the Graffiti DAO submitting their Creative Guild to the NEAR Forums.


Hi, there! NaijART DAO here! We just created our first thread!