NEAR Community Fund

NEAR Community Fund

Are you an Ecosystem Contributor?

Are you seeking funds?

Do you have a project and need support?

Are you ready to submit a proposal?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you are in the right place!

NEAR offers incentives that empower communities and projects to achieve their goals.

We, the NEAR Community Squad, have completed our transition to using community-driven Sputnik DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) as governance structures of the NEAR Community Fund and our treasury. Through DAOs, the NEAR community both efficiently and effectively supports an ecosystem of many guilds and projects.

Now, the Community Fund is managed by several Community Councils, including these two dedicated v1 Sputnik DAOs:

Community Squad DAO

This council represents the official NEAR Community Team, and our purpose is empowering active guilds and project leaders to reward contributors, provide support, incentivize task completion, and organize special projects in the community.

Read this guide for a walkthrough of the process, and you can reference our model of a proposal to increase your chances of success:

Creatives DAO

The Community Fund offered through the Creatives DAO is meant to support all kinds of creative contributors and communities, including artists, designers, video producers, musicians, and VR enthusiasts ~ exploring the dimensions of NFTs and Social Tokens.

Please read this guide to find out who qualifies for payouts from this DAO, and see which creative DAOs are being funded:

Learn how to submit a proposal to the Creatives DAO:

Guide for monthly reports:

Transparent Collaboration Facilitates Coordination

We believe DAOs are an important tool for autonomous, purpose-driven communities and projects. If you want to learn more about how the Sputnik DAO framework benefits communities in our ecosystem, this blog post is for you.

:artificial_satellite: Sputnik DAO: Empowering Communities

Together, we will continue to experiment with v2 Sputnik DAOs, along with other frameworks.

Let us know any ideas or questions! Your feedback is much appreciated :satellite:

Funding Proposal Template

Below are the suggested components of a project proposal. You can find this template by creating a new topic in the “Community Fund” subcategory of the forum.

Be sure to include the ‘proposal’ tag!


To which community council are you planning to submit a proposal?

From: Project Name

How should we refer to your project proposal?

Summary / Purpose

Try to explain why this proposal exists in a few sentences.


Give more details regarding the motivation, strategy, or any other context.


List NEAR account IDs of you and your teammates, and please tag them here on the forum.

Feel free to share any background information that could help inform the council to make their decision regarding your proposal. Links to past proposals are helpful!

Goals / Objectives

How is your project going to fulfill that purpose? What are you hoping to achieve?

Milestones / Key Results

Carefully describe your plans with specific ways to measure success.


Resources our community can provide, including advice, funds, connections, etc.

Other Materials

Link to any supporting documents, including relevant sample work / portfolios, research, detailed plans, mock-ups, prototypes, demo videos, code repos, etc.