[APPROVED] Creative Guild Leader - Telegram Branding

[PROPOSAL] Creative Guild Leader-Telegram Branding

payout request: 15 NEAR
target: bianca.near

Hi! I am a digital marketer with experience in graphic design. I noticed that the “Creative Guild Leaders” telegram group did not have distinctive branding and would love to create a logo that can be used for it.

Previously, I have worked on the branding and communication materials for the Creatives DAO. Please see examples of my work here: [Guide] The Creatives DAO Funding

Once approved, I can begin working on creating the logo :slight_smile:


Hey @bianca this is a wonderful suggestion and would create such great branding value and consistency for the Creatives DAO!

This proposal is approved. Since you will be basing this design off the previous work you did, there is no need for additional design specs but let us know when you have proofs ready for edits and feedback. When the logo is ready, you can then post here requesting your SputnikDAO payout.


Hi @mecsbecs!!

Here is the working design I have now :slight_smile:Creative Guild Leaders Logo (2)

Please let me know what you think and if you would like any adjustments made.

I have also tested this design on telegram for readability and sizing :slight_smile:

Thank you,


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This looks great! Very playful and yet also serious :wink:
I’m a fan! @chloe what do you think?


I think it looks great! Exited to finally have a TG logo for the creative guild leaders :raised_hands:t4:.


I’ll install it on the group now then!
Since we’re all good to go, please proceed to the Creatives SputnikDAO to post your 15 NEAR payout, linking to this Forum post.
Thank you for your work @bianca


Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the design on the telegram group :slight_smile: Thank you!