I make cartoon about NEAR

Now I am working on an animation project, which is part of my large project, which I will implement at NEAR. The video is designed in the form of an Internet 3.0 presentation, which immediately becomes clear to most people and makes people understand what blockchain is. The video will tell you about the advantages of the NEAP protocol and will tell you step by step how to open your account - a wallet

Now I am actively working on the script, it will be ready in a day. I will post the storyboard and parts of the cartoon in the coming days.

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I rejected nft-onboarding.sputnikdao.near/proposals/76 because it was for the wrong amount for the [IDEA] stage.

I did approve your [IDEA] to make a cartoon. Can you combine the two ideas for the next stage (deck with timeline and storyboard)?

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Thanks for your help, I hope that now I have everything set up correctly. Tell me if there is a guild of advertisers, creators. How does advertising work in NEAR? Are there departments that do this purposefully?

Video is private, can you check on that?

7 new guilds were announced today Welcome to the Guilded Age of NEAR Protocol | by 4NTS Guild | NEAR Protocol | Jun, 2021 | Medium

We have also published some guides for getting involved:


This one in particular gives a good overview!

Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks!

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Thank you very much for your help and advice. Now I have created a telegram channel Telegram: Contact @nftinfinity and developed a unique technology for attracting subscribers. Everyone who joins my channel and writes their NEAR account in the chat receives a unique NTF token 3 times a week (try, come in, greet me there)). Moreover, every week there are 3 different tokens. Tokens are sent in a chaotic manner. That is, within a week, both 3 identical and 2 identical, as well as none of the same, can come to the wallet. Whoever is lucky. Then people will be able to trade and exchange tokens.During 2 times using my technology, I dialed 61 participants on the telegram channel and helped create about 20 new accounts. I am constantly giving explanations, answering questions. As it turned out, there is a huge community to whom you can explain how NEAR works using live examples. For this community, I would like to create a DAO and develop it. Tell me, can I create a Tao in which people will write their sentences in Russian? And when there are 100 people on the channel, I want to hold a conference at ZOOM
And, if the creation of such a DAO is possible, then tell me, can we arrange it, not as a simple transfer of NEAR to me, but as a purchase of my NTF token? Because it is through the NTF that I want to develop social interaction and I want to show how it works with a living example.
And yes, thanks, I didn’t notice, I made access to the link https://youtu.be/XVzFbIY_D08
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