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We’re starting an open “Ecosystem Wiki” here and on GitHub. Feel free to reply with any feedback, make contributions, and / or create your own wiki, using the #wiki tag. To edit, click the pencil icon :memo: in the corner of the thread.

Note: To make any forum topic / post an editable wiki, you have to click the wrench icon :wrench: after your wiki has been published.

Proposal: Ecosystem Wiki(s)

You know, when we think about it, this forum is kind of a NEAR wiki for wikis!

Getting Started ~ Ask Why NEAR?

Answering the above question is not simple. We all have our own purposes, and there are meaningful communities everywhere. NEAR is one of a kind, and it has many unique advantages. You might even say there are infinite reasons why being part of NEAR is worthwhile :infinity:

There is quite an array of ways to get involved! The following is an attempt to start building momentum toward clearly sharing the benefits of NEAR as an ecosystem of DAOs and projects. NEAR empowers all kinds of creators to build open worlds with open hearts and open minds :sparkles:

:globe_with_meridians: :globe_with_meridians: :globe_with_meridians:

Why NEAR Technology?

Unique Approach To Scalability

Flexible Account Structure

Wallet + Contract + Asset

Next-Gen Blockchain Development Platform

Great Developer Experience

NEAR Wallet

NEAR Explorer

NEAR Indexer

Why NEAR Ecosystem?

Metrics Dashboard:

Sputnik DAOs

Metrics Dashboard:

Why NEAR Community





Why NEAR Education?

Why NEAR Governance?

Responsible Core Teams

Open Systems: NEAR Enhancement Proposals

You don’t have to create a GitHub issue to make a proposal. Feel free to write here on the governance forum in the Proposals Category.

There are so many different ways for anyone to participate! Your success is our success! Community leaders and project coordinators are here to help you learn, build, and earn.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and get connected to the Community Squad. We’d love to discuss ideas / proposals, gather feedback, and hopefully answer questions.

Getting Started

Play in the Open Web Sandbox

Submit Open Web Contributor Form‌

Discover NEAR Guilds

Find Employment Opportunities






Quick Reference: NEAR-API-JS Quick Reference · NEAR Documentation

TypeDocs for API:

Examples of Usage: NEAR-API-JS Cookbook · NEAR Documentation



Blog Posts

Community Blog




Educational Programs

NEAR Academy

Learn NEAR Club

NEAR Certified Developer Program‌

Figment Learn: NEAR Pathway + Tutorials

Build / Create

Art, Music, Design, etc.

Creatives DAO


More: Topics tagged guide :world_map:

Development: Examples, Tooling, etc.

Self-assign the “contributor” role in the #roles channel of NEAR Discord:

Join the Dev Guild on Telegram:

Follow @NEARdevs on Twitter :slightly_smiling_face:


Ask Questions

Wallet Support




Assign yourself various roles based on your skills and interests. For example, if you are interested in earning rewards for doing valuable work in our community, please opt in for the individual contributor program by reacting with a heart to this message in the #roles channel.

You might also want to signal your interests or any relevant skills ~ including, but not limited to visual art, design, music, user experience, and project coordination.

Start Your Own Creative Guild / Community


@jlwaugh I don’t really understand this post.

I don’t think it make sense to double the work that is done on Github for ecosystem map or in the upcoming Wiki here. Or are you just collecting the info to the move to Wiki?

Sorry! I’m not intending to duplicate any efforts. Just sharing my perspective and hoping to contribute. We can delete or move anything to the Wiki.

Here is another collection of links / content:

Thanks, @jlwaugh - this was discussed before the wiki was created, it is a great way to start populating the wiki.

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I hope we can begin moving this over to the Wiki, which is now live:

(and discussed in the forum post at Establishing NEAR Wiki - #22 by nf_erik)