About the Creatives DAO category

The Creatives Astro DAO’s purpose is to help support the creative Guilds/DAO’s within the NEAR ecosystem. Please submit a payout proposal to the Creatives Astro DAO if you are a “Creative Guild Leader” or if you do not see another relevant creative DAO to submit to :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Our Funding Guide for the Creatives DAO is up:

We’ve Also Posted a Step-by-Step Proposal Submission Guide:

Keep Up With The DAO:

Please feel free to follow along with the Creatives DAO on our Announcement Channel on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @creativesdao

List of the Guilds within the “Creatives” category:

Have any questions and want to chat about your Creative Guild/DAO?

Join us in the Creatives DAO Chat on Telegram, and the Council and community members will be happy to respond and help.


And if you ever need to draw the attention of the Creatives DAO Council to your post or funding request, just tag @creativesdao-council to do so!


Cool! This is great! makes tagging so much easier :slight_smile: