[Approved by HoM] NDC Degens February

Hey guys!

This is our Proposal for February. In January, we fulfilled all the set goals and objectives, moreover, we exceeded the expectations that were imposed on our team. Like the previous proposal, we want to state our request as briefly as possible.

NDC Degens is moving according to our plan, we have recruited a new team, launched a public good initiative, and also increased our performance several times. Now we are ready to become a marketing hub for projects from the Near ecosystem.

Our report for January.

Useful links:

Charter: Degens Charter v.2 - Google Docs

Degens WG Link: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Website: https://degens.super.site/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/degens_ndc

Main Team Spreadsheet: Degens Reports - Google Sheets

HoM Proposal (old v1.0): [Approved] NDC Degens X NDC V1 : NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-004P-1-3 Marketing + NEW BUDGET - #12 by Lolson_tg



List of Proposals:

Level TG hangle Amount $
Applicant EvangelS * 1 142,85
Applicant Dix_rao * 1 142,85
Applicant ARIrend * 1 142,85
Applicant UsernamSerega * 1 142,85
Applicant Den1535 * 1 142,85
Applicant x_nav3 * 1 142,85
Applicant paolo_near * 1 142,85
Applicant maks1mk_a * 1 142,85
Applicant tony_insider * 1 142,85
Applicant moskalenkoi * 1 142,85
Applicant devbose111 * 1 142,85
Applicant Aescobar7359 * 1 142,85
Applicant PlanetaVeNEARa * 1 142,85
Applicant dapps_crypto21 * 1 142,85
Council lolson_tg 2000
Council baxoffbeats 2000
Total: 20 000

Target: ndc-degens.sputnik-dao.near

Proposer: lolson.near

**The remuneration (applicants) can be changed depending on the work performed based on the January report. The data is provided if all members of the main NDC Degens team achieve TLS 1.

Funding Procedures:

NDC Degens focuses on the personal performance of each member. At the moment, each member of NDC Degens is working on increasing TLS, which will be assigned to him at the end of January. Based on the results of TLS, a DP (Degen Point) will be assigned to each of the participants, who will determine the amount of remuneration.


Each NDC Degens member undertakes to pass KYC in accordance with the NDC/Near policy.

Our plans February 2024.

Partnerships with 5 projects from the Near Protocol ecosystem.

At the moment, NDC Degens supports the entire ecosystem. We intend to add official partnerships with projects to our directions. We have published a form in which any project can apply for partnership with NDC Degens.


What is included in the official partnership:

  • Creating a personal marketing campaign with NDC Degens for free;
  • Creating unique content for the project;
  • Support for all announcements;
  • Attracting attention from the Near Protocol community, as well as beyond, to the project;
  • Creating a referral program (links) for NDC Degens;

Ideally, NDC Degens would like to see partners with active and trust projects in the ecosystem that are able to create a system in which NDC Degens could track results.

Yes, of course, we can turn to third-party services to account for clicks, links, and so on. But only the project can provide a complete picture of users from NDC Degens. The ideal solution is a referral program or an on-chain app that would allow us to track the activity of our users.

Extension of Public Degens

We have decided to extend the Public Degens initiative for another month (funds for the continuation of the initiative will not be requested). At the moment, we have about 150 users who have interacted with our widget, but this is not enough.

The end date of Public Degens was supposed to be February 15, but we are extending the initiative for another 1 month until March 15, 2024. This will be announced this week. We will change the focus of this event and attract many more users.

Content/Reddit Changes

Our content system will be changed depending on the projects with which we enter into partnerships. The content will be divided into categories based on the tasks and projects set. We intend to focus our efforts on 3 categories: development, projects, ecosystem.

Development - creation of content about the technical details of the project.

Projects - manuals, review of the project.

Ecosystem - interaction of projects in the ecosystem, an overview of new opportunities, and so on.

We decided to close the Reddit direction for a while and start experimenting. At the moment, we are considering CMC and CoinGecko platforms for publishing our posts and ideas. This will allow us to reach users with whom we have not yet interacted.

KPI’s for February

Public Degens: at least 300 interactions with the contract;

At least 5 official partnerships in the Near Protocol ecosystem with NDC Degens.

At least 2 million impressions in X.

4k Link Clicks


10 videos from influencers


In February, we intend to become a marketing hub for projects from the Near Protocol ecosystem. We have been preparing for this moment for a long time and now we are ready to move on. We are also confident that the Public Degens initiative will be in demand among the community after some improvements that we will carry out in February.

Thanks for your attention :heart: