[Weekly reports] Marketing DAO council Dacha

Revisionist history, like a true revolutionary. Why did you delete your contribution?

Very daring of you to publicly accuse me of harassment and hate speech.

You like transparency? I’m happy post our entire conversation from the Marketing DAO. I explicitly told you we were having the conversation there so other Council members would be witnesses.


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Hi @satojandro

I appreciate @Dacha for help with my projects. I think he just want Near ecosystem become more strong and bigger

I hope you too support this direction?

Why u fight? Can we find piecefull solution?


tf is so called ‘NearCommunity’ and this guild?

I wonder what were the goals you guys determined/discussed together? @Dacha
was attacking community learders/members and posting +18 pr…n pictures part of the plan?

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Hello @Dacha please check report for Christmas is near creative contest here :point_down:https://gov.near.org/t/report-christmasisnear-contest-on-discord/12895


Good morning. Sorry, I’m not a part of NC community, not an author or content creator , I don’t like their pictures. I immediately removed information in my report when got terrible pictures from our council. Initially, NC community manager asked to me help him with DAO creation. His main goal was come lgbt people together in one safe place/group, because Russian government chases lgbt people .

Have a great day!

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Week 3

19 requests by December 1st are still pending. I propose mark them as [Closed] and send notifications to authors @marketingdao-council

Except recently approved [ Approved] C1 Guild November Social Media Management

List :

Proposal Created
[Proposal] Tractioned Social token community launching membership NFTs on NEAR 6/24/2021
Near Hispano, Growth Project: Claim Twitter Account ( Stage 1) 7/13/2021
Near Hispano, Growth Project: Claim Twitter Account ( Stage 2 ) 7/20/2021
[Proposal] NFT Conversations 8/7/2021
Near Promotions [migueldiscord#8471] 9/5/2021
[PROPOSAL] October 2021 Social Media Moderation Budget For Near Protocol Bangladesh Community 9/21/2021
[Proposal] NEAR Instagram Accounts [ near.updates and nearprotocol_news ] + NFT activities 9/30/2021
[Proposal] NEAR Stars Guild October plan and budget request 10/1/2021
[Proposal] Signature Campaign v1.0 by Kitchen Guild 🚀 10/6/2021
[Proposal]: Branding Minting Music: NEAR Conference 10/10/2021
[Proposal]Creating awareness by posting 2 memes everyday for near social medias and tagging them 10/11/2021
[PROPOSAL] C1 Marketing Campaign (Nov, Dec, Jan) 11/1/2021
[Proposal] - Near Protocol Tamil NPT Guild November Month Funding Request 11/2/2021
[Proposal] 2 Month Social Media Marketing budget for Naksh - An NFT Marketplace for Vernacular Art from India 11/6/2021
[ Approved] C1 Guild November Social Media Management 11/10/2021
[PROPOSAL] Russian YOUTUBERS collabs 11/11/2021
[Proposal]Near Social (NS) DAO for November 2021 social media promotion,blog budget for Near Social guide 11/14/2021
[Proposal] Plan to make NEAR crypto lesson GOA in Arambol 11/15/2021
[PROPOSAL] Joint IRL Meetup Budget (Crydo Guild & Degen Syndicate Guild). December 11/16/2021
[PROPOSAL] For Near Protocol Nigeria ( NPK Guild ) November/December activities 11/21/2021

GM, you can mark them as closed according to the internal SLAs written up (not public yet as draft isn’t complete)


week 4

  • working with new Marketing DAO guide (new form of reports, proposals procedure))
  • calls with Russian-speaking grantees, help with proposals/reports
  • working with new proposals

Current list of proposals, activities, reports, delays, etc. Added Marketing DAO advisors
Propose add them in @marketingdao-council list on the forum

Marketing DAO - Sheet1(1).pdf (98.7 KB)

Couldn’t attend on today’s Marketing DAO meeting, because one of Marketing DAO council @Grace made a decision, without any approvals from other Marketing DAO councils, about mandatory using video images on the calls.

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Any DAO Council where the NF participates will require that from now, during Council meetings, all Council members show their face before the meeting starts (then can switch off the camera after that) additionally, for the council members to share their real name.

I consider this part of developing TRUST. Until today, we do not know your name or even seen your face in any meeting.

We will start minimizing exposure to anonymous agents in every possible way and more so, in relation to DAO Council Members.

I invite all Council members of the Marketing DAO to share their opinions.


Could you please create a separate proposal about it?

I’m not sure that you can just say “from now”. It’s not a decentralized or community driven way. I believe It should be public discussion and public voting, because it going to spread on all community members and potential Marketing, Ecosystem and other DAO’s councils before NF councils step out from DAO’s (deadline March 2022).

Furthermore, you’re a manager and team leader of half of Marketing DAO councils.

Will be great to see public discussion about it and public voting on our first community driven DAO

I created a proposal about it .

Thank You.

My thoughts:

  1. It can be real photo instead of video (due many reasons)
  1. Councils can complete KYC to confirm their identity.

  2. Another one very important question is safety. I got many threats after my investigations and reports.

@illia @marketingdao-council @marieke.flament


I think that this is fair.

It’s a prominent position in the community and you’re handling the community fund so a certain level of personal (not pseudonymous) accountability is to be expected and, IMO, fair.

There are hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding which, ultimately, belongs to the community being distributed through the MarketingDAO (and others).


Yes, and KYC is solution.

KYC is a solution for internal verification, I don’t think it solves the level of accountability that the community may expect

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Dave I’m here since last summer , I see how some people gets money without any questions and reports. Or all kind of organization like Flying Rhino who even didn’t show their prices for NF. And many many other questions. Let’s maintain the same level for everyone instead of focused on particular people?

Yes, and I’m only one council who asking detailed reports from grantees . By the way, some people from NF team thinks it’s not important.

Briefly Proposal Created Approved Delay Target wallet Amount N Report
Telegram [APPROVED] Telegram Community Monthly Rewards 9/29/2021 Yes nearlove.near 100 No
Near Punks [APPROVED] NEAR Punks as Vietnamese Community Event Rewards 10/16/2021 Yes nearlove.near 225 No
Near Mexico [Approved] Near México November 2021 Activities 11/8/2021 Yes josedlujan.near 190 No
Naksh [Approved] Updated Marketing proposal for Naksh from Mid Nov till December 11/16/2021 Yes naksh.near 400 No
Telegram AMA Ecosystem [APPROVED] Telegram AMA with Ecosystem Projects 11/17/2021 Yes nearlove.near 75 No

No problems do it for councils verification. It’s the best way now.

Anyway, All community members should vote for this. I you or Grace cannot make decision without approval from Community.


Absolutely, and I think it’s fair to show a semblance of a human being when you are distributing such high levels of funds

As I said it should be public discussion and voting.


Should everyone use real names on the forum?

Should everyone use real photos on the forum?

Will you of NF insure security guarantees for contributors?

Should be kind of agreement between NF and contributors about personal data.


Now, when anybody asking some personal information it violates community guidelines.

Yes, KYC the best solution.

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That’s a general guideline for forum usage, we’re talking about the position of Council Member in the MarketingDAO (and any other DAO/vertical which receives funding of this capacity from NF)

No it’s not about Marketing DAO. Grace proposed it for every DAO where NF people are present.

Legal Guild
Community DAO (76 people by the way)


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