[Report] #ChristmasIsNear contest on Discord

Hello NEAReans, this time I am here to deliver this little report to you fam :wink:

With @GeorgePro1 leading this initiative, and my self as partner with him.

The main idea is to share with everyone and spend pleasant moments, especially at that beautiful time of year which is Christmas.

Discord Channel:

The contest increased the interaction in the discord, we had about 20 participants, discord was used for communication and twitter to share the content.


We were both the jury and we evaluated the participants taking into consideration creativity, demonstrated talent, effort and if they followed the instructions. Each point had its own considerations, such as simply placing the hashtags would give 4 points in the instruction, but if the participant went the extra mile to make the text attractive then 5 points.



Transaction record:

55 sending transactions to the winners of the contest



Some participants complained during the contest, of only winning once, or of not being chosen as winners. But, they love the fact that they can get tips from anyone on their tweets, so they reacted positively to the invitation to use Dapplets.

For a next contest it would be convenient to send the rewards in the form of tips.

More about it here:

Featured Winners

I would love to hear from you all, and receive any feedback :vulcan_salute:

Cheers :beers:


Great job guys. Have a wonderful day !

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