[PROPOSAL] October 2021 Social Media Moderation Budget For Near Protocol Bangladesh Community

Guild Name:- Near Protocol Bangladesh
Funding Scheme:- Monthly
Total Fund:- 600$ Near
Near Wallet:- tafsirul555.near
Near Owner Name:- Tafsirul Islam Mahin

I want to create Near Protocol Bangladesh Community. That’s why I’m doing a Funding Post today.

I have already given a post to create a community group and Twitter ID. With which I will develop Near Protocol in Bangladesh. That’s why I have to giveaway, bounty to present it in front of everyone. That’s why I need a Near Fund. Through which I can always do easy marketing.

My Plan to work Near Protocol Bangladesh:-

1:- I will do AMA with Bangladeshis every month. Where I will highlight the Near Protocol for Bangladeshis. I will give a wonderful near giveaway among everyone

2:- I will manage different types of events on Twitter. BecauseTwitter is a social media where very good marketing can be done

3:- I will organize Trade Volume with Bangladeshis every month.Where Bangladeshis will do the highest trade volume and I will give a gift to those who do the most volume

4:- we’ll organize the weekly prize distribution randomly.So that everyone stays with Near Protocol Bangladesh

5:- I will hold a meeting with the big YouTubers of Bangladesh who do Crypto Making in Bangladesh every month. Those who will take the Near Protocol to the highest level in Bangladesh

and through them I will promote Near Protocol.
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