[ PROPOSAL ] C1 Guild November Social Media Management

Hello, @marketingdao-council
We at C1 guild has been on the drive to get more users into the NEAR ecosystem and getting creatives help to mint their art as NFTs, we’ve been doing this through the various social media platforms we’ve created for the C1 Guild which has been on the side of increase since it been created.
Having managed the TWITTER, DISCORD, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM page alongside the councils of the guild these past months, ways I have devised to get more audience has been the constant activity on every page and sharing of every work and updates in the guild, which has yielded great results in driving more traffic. we having triple the number of the followers in the previous month.

This November, I will engage rigorously in the drive for more push that will get many users into the NEAR ecosystem by creating five (5) social post on every of the C1 social media weekly which involves DISCORD, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. Posts which will be including the NFTs minted to the C1 Guild store and auction house, news and development updates on the guild and contributions of the creatives that are willing to dedicate their time to the goals.
This can help us gain many more followers and engagements in the social handles as well as the ecosystem. with the help of graphics artwork illustrating the C1 Guild mission from the community will help us achieve this.

Here’s link to metrics of the previous month:


I request funding to carry out this project in the C1 Guild managing the TWITTER, DISCORD, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM page for this month of November.

Payout: — NEAR 73 = $700
Wallet: Purpledot.near

@JCB @Dedeukwu


Well deserved @Purpledots keep up the plans let’s fly :rocket:

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Hi @Purpledots thanks for your proposal.

To help the Marketing DAO evaluate your proposal could you post links to your accounts on the social platforms please?

Many thanks

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Hello @cryptocredit
Thanks for requesting,



C1 Guild

I’m on Instagram as dum_unu. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. Instagram

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How many community moderators are we paying? The impressions and followers seem a bit small for the payout requested.