[APPROVED] NEAR Punks as Vietnamese Community Event Rewards

Requested by @Riley
Submitted by Eunice

  • Funding scheme: One-time
  • Event Name: NEAR Blockchain Insights series
  • Summary: The Vietnam guild led by @Riley has hosted a series of NEAR blockchain insights webinar events where they invite project leaders to provide project updates and insights on NEAR’s use cases.
  • Metrics for measuring success: The average views of the video is around 9000
  • Video URL: Defi on NEAR: Blockchain Insights #10: DeFi on NEAR - YouTube
  • Funding Details: The fund will be used to purchase NEAR Punks as rewards for active participants. 15 NEAR Punks have been arranged and each will cost 15N
  • Total requested amount in USD and NEAR (price based at the time of posting): 225 NEAR
  • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: nearlove.near
  • Wallet owner’s name: Eunice Chan
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SputnikDAO URL: SputnikDAO

Good evening. Dear @Riley could you please write about results. Thank You

Here is the form [Guide] How to submit monthly reports to the Marketing DAO

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