[Approved] Near México November 2021 Activities

NEAR Mexico Guild November.


We aim to expand the presence of NEAR in Mexico, via NEAR Mexico, using social networks, creating groups in messaging applications, and a subreddit to help and aid our community.

Said groups will help us show the NEAR community members, be it programmers, investors, or content creators, all the opportunities that the NEAR protocol has to offer. In addition to this, it will allow us to help the community resolve any doubts or questions that may arise.

What do we hope to achieve?

Social Media:

  • Twitter MOD $150 USD Noemi
  • Facebook MOD $150 USD @e.siegel
  • Instagram MOD $150 USD @j05u3
  • Reddit MOD. $150 USD Noemi
  • Discord - MOD $150 USD @jeph
  • Telegram - MOD $150 USD @josedlujan


  • Medium - 2 articles: $200 USD
    • Como empezar en NEAR
    • NEAR en el 2022

Virtual meetup: Presentation NEAR Mexico and how to create your wallet, how to buy NEAR, and the future of NEAR. 100 asistents: $400 USD.

YouTube videos: $400 USD

  • Video 1 - ¿Qué es NEAR y presentación de NEAR México?
  • Video 2 - Que Exchanges tienen NEAR

What do we offer to achieve this?

Achieve our goals using the YouTube videos as an introduction, followed by the virtual meetup, to boost engagement and interest, and funnels interested users to our different social media channels.

After this, we plan on increasing the available information by creating posts with guides about the aforementioned topics.

We plan on attracting and educating developers, supporting them with their projects in order to detonate NEAR protocol possibilities.

Links to social media and mods.


SputnikDAO: nearmexico.sputnikdao.near

Total: $1,900 USD


Hey hey! Awesome to see the NEAR presence expanding in Mexico :tada: :mexico:

Personally, I don’t think it makes sense to offer funding based on relatively low targets (or really, targets at all) in terms of social media numbers. A more appropriate route would be funding the cost of moderators for all those channels (the value of which should reflect the current size of the community)

On what YouTube channel are you sharing these? Is there a NEAR Mexico channel?

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Since this proposal focuses on content creation and marketing efforts, I am reclassifying this to fit under the Marketing DAO category.


Ok, we appreciate the guidance on these topics.


Hello, thank you very much for taking the time to publish the proposal @josedlujan , I would like to clarify a point, I am not the moderator of 3 social networks, and the links part could look better like this:

NEAR México Twitter mod NEAR México {@e.siegel , @j05u3 , @jeph , {Noemi} , @josedlujan }
NEAR México Facebook mod @e.siegel
NEAR México Instagram mod @j05u3
NEAR México Discord mod @jeph
NEAR México Reddit mod {Noemi}
NEAR México Telegram mod @josedlujan

The text is below, please take 2 minutes and edit the post, you just need to copy and paste, greetings.

[NEAR México Twitter](https://twitter.com/NearMexico) mod NEAR México {@e.siegel , @j05u3 , @jeph , {Noemi} , @josedlujan }
[NEAR México Facebook](https://bit.ly/3kEkAGz) mod @e.siegel 
[NEAR México Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/near.mexico/) mod @j05u3 
[NEAR México Discord](https://discord.gg/3Q2vkZmnNy) mod @jeph 
[NEAR México Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/NEARMexico/) mod {Noemi}
[NEAR México Telegram](https://t.me/joinchat/SuhzirHG_S04MjQx) mod @josedlujan 

Hello @David_NEAR , who can I ask for the Leader role for me and for @josedlujan ?

And @mecsbecs , @David_NEAR it seems to me that @josedlujan has already made the necessary changes to the proposal. Is it accepted so that we can start working on it?

Thanks for you time, Let’s keep growing the community!

Hey hey!

I can arrange this but I’d like to see more forum activity prior to doing so as it comes with some moderation rights.

Not just yet. Let’s have the @marketingdao-council chime in with their suggestions :tada:

Can you please answer the below, too?


Thanks for such a quick response, I leave you the link to the Youtube Channel.

NEAR México Youtube

But the channel is new, because what we want is to be sure that we can start, since @shreyas told us that everything had to be accepted beforehand by you.

Once we successfully complete this (We are sure will do), we will ask for the funds at the end of the month, is that correct?

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Hey! It’s more apt to request funds prior to undertaking any work. This is particularly relevant if you’re paying out third parties.


Thank you, we were not very clear about that part.

Then we will wait to know if this proposal seems correct to you all, to request the funds and begin.

We are confident that at the end of the month we will be able to show you worthwhile results.


Hi @jeph great to see another regional group starting.

I would also echo @David_NEAR comments on social media channels.

With the numbers shown I would have expected that mods would be able to manage more than one channel. For example 5 mods for your twitter account which has only 1 follower seems a bit overkill.

That said, I wish you luck with your goals and look forward to hearing how you get on

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Hello @cryptocredit

We put conservative goals in the proposal before the re-edition of the post, we are sure that we will generate more traction than that.

On the other hand, on Twitter we do not ask for payment for each one, we ask for the payment of 1 only divided by the 5, to create at least one post every 36 hours for the remainder of the month.

Thank you for your comments!!!

Hi! @David_NEAR

We have made the adaptation in the post, taking into account what you said

We will have one moderator per social network and we will be monitoring growth. Although it is the first month we have some numbers in mind as objectives(high expectation).

About the videos you comment, the youtube channel will be on our Near Mexico channel

Thanks for the feedback

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Awesome to hear that!

I’m happy to kickstart this with the relatively low amount of funding requested. Let’s see what the @marketingdao-council have to say before submitting to Astro :tada:


@josedlujan changes noted. Good to go for me too!


Thanks for the support, then we will be waiting! @David_NEAR @cryptocredit

Hey, please submit the proposal to Astro - thanks!


Done and Thanks!


Also happy to go ahead. Good luck @josedlujan

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Hola Jose,

I’d be really interested to know the relationship between Near Mexico and Near Hispano - have you guys been working together, etc.?

I believe it is a great sign that the community is growing so much that larger regional guilds start to split off into more specific communities. However, I am mindful of potential duplication of efforts. NEAR Hispano has a very strong presence in Mexico and has been doing a stellar job for months.


Thank you for your question @satojandro . At the moment we have not started collaborating with NEAR Hispano, since we have barely gotten started. However, we will be in contact with them to avoid duplicating our efforts once we start generating content.

In our view, and as we mentioned during our initial interview to become a DAO, due to the size of Latin America, Mexico needs a more localized approach. We believe it would be as if there only existed NEAR Europe, but no DAOs for individual countries.

As for duplicating efforts, we don’t believe that will be an issue as we will be in contact with them, and we want to focus more on creation of content in Spanish to get new users interested and to generate information for the newcomers. In particular, we noticed when investigating NEAR that there is very little helpful information in Latin American Spanish for users that are interested in getting started. We aim to change that.

And, as I’m sure you can agree, social media is a fundamental way to keep in contact with users in this day and age.