[APPROVED] Telegram AMA with Ecosystem Projects

Telegram AMA


  • Drive engagement in the NEAR Protocol Official Telegram group
  • Educate the community about the NEAR-powered projects, so that they can keep track with the project development and learn about different products and usage on NEAR

Growth Metrics

  • Number of NEAR wallet creations
  • Number of participants
  • Number of projects who join the AMA series

AMA Framework

  • Hosts will introduce the guest and the project
  • 10 preset questions
  • Open floor questions, with 5 questions selected & answered by the guest

Reward budget: $5 in NEAR each for 5 selected questions

Frequency: Weekly/ bi-weekly


  1. Select projects and schedule the AMA timeline

  2. Coordinate with the project team on question preparation and reward arrangements (if they want to add-on)

  3. Ask the project team for guest photo, title, name and project logo to prepare banner for social media marketing

  4. Marketing across NEAR social media channels/community platforms 3 days prior to the AMA

  5. Reward distribution a week after the event

Reward budget: 50$ In NEAR for the first 2 AMA events (starting from December)

Frequency: Weekly/ bi-weekly



I’m getting excited. These events will be beneficial.
I have a question tho, are we going to give $5 in Nears or 5 $Nears for each winner?
imo 5$ reward is quite low for this kind of community event.

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Hey @3UN1C3

In 2 months we have created 4 large AMAs. YouTube AMA is much more effective than Telegram in our opinion, since the audience sees the live performance of the AMA participants increasing engagement and interest from users!

I agree with @KriptoRaptor that this reward for conducting AMA, especially if we are talking about large channels, is not enough… But if we are talking only about new channels with 100-200 active subscribers, then perhaps this will suit many,

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hey Lolson, thank you for your opinions about this topic
I also think live video(e.g. youtube) AMA’s are more efficient and the content stays there
Our team and community running a lot of AMA’s elsewhere in various channels. and I appreciate your effort too!
But here our goal is different. It’s to introduce our ecosystem to our telegram community and get members engaged :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


It’s 5 $NEAR for each winner, not in USD. And we should consider this initiative as a recurrent campaign so we can adjust the details in the future.


Have we filed this on the Marketing DAO? This looks good to me. :slight_smile:

@jcatnear we’ve just finished our first AMA with Aurora yesterday, i’ve submitted a proposal on the Marketing DAO and requested 75 NEAR as reward fund.

FYI: Astro


I go with this idea, for a new start up group that one is fair, but let consider increasing for a large community.