[APPROVED] Telegram Community Monthly Rewards

TLDR of the proposal:

Our Telegram group is one of the major communication channels for the NEAR community. In order to increase engagement and drive more active discussions in the group, I suggest that we launch a monthly reward program to encourage members to make positive contributions in the group. In this way, we can also know more about the keen and active members in the community and foster them to become one of the key builders in the NEAR ecosystem.

Instead of just giving out NEAR tokens, we can create excitement and surprise the community by giving out a variety of rewards ranging from NFTs to NEAR swag, or even a chance to create their own DAO etc.

Potential impacts on the NEAR Ecosystem:

  • Encourage community members to make positive contributions in our Telegram group
  • Identify active members on Telegram, and nurture them into active builders in the NEAR ecosystem
  • Increase engagement and drive discussions in the NEAR Telegram group

Positive contributions include:

  • Raise good questions
  • Give comments and feedbacks to existing tools and projects
  • Provide assistance to community members in need
  • Actively share NEAR or blockchain news and updates
  • Create memes and stickers


  • By end of the month, we will create a 100N proposal in the Telegram Community DAO SputnikDAO
  • Telegram admins and the Degen community can nominate members to become the award winner
  • 5 active members will be selected each month to get a 20N worth of prize
  • Budget: 100N per month

DAO Council members:

  • Eunice
  • Amos
  • Riley
  • JC

Great initiative! :clap:
I’m glad we are creating opportunities to reward our most active and valued members. More importantly, this initiative is total alignment with our purpose and objectives.

Our Telegram group is :rocket: rocking, lots of love and tender care have been invested…special thanks to our moderators, @3UN1C3 and @jcatnear


Great proposal. This move will help grow interaction among telegram community.

As an active NEAR community moderator I propose sparing a small budget (like 100N~/month) just for tipping new members on occasions via Near Bot. As far as I observe most of new community members doesn’t have wallet/defi experience. Most of them only familiar with cexes. These small tips might help them first experience NEAR wallet then discover the NEAR ecosystem.
This may also boost interaction among community members.
What do you think about it?

To support similar proposals I forward following data from telegram combot statistics.
current status (31/07/2021 01amUTC)
94.5% of our telegram community members haven’t sent more than one message, and
80% of our members hasn’t posted a single message.
@jcatnear @3UN1C3 @Grace

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Most active members for telegram channel of July are (sorted by message count+length)
In my opinion Devs, Degens and Moderators can be excluded for the 20N reward :slight_smile:
first five are:
Mo Lang
Vikash Kumar
Elliot Mayer
Ram Kumar

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Good morning. It’s unfair. Degens can support each other. Only admins must nominate members. Have a great day


I propose these members for the August Telegram Community Monthly Rewards

Weekly Telegram Report-4th Week of August

Bailey12, Rahul Goel, Ben, Vikash Kumar, Hessam


Yup! I agree. But since this is something new, i think both telegram admins and the degen community will share some good insight into the group dynamic.

But looking forward, we could even open nomination to all general members and do polls etc.


According to combot statistics the most active members of telegram for the September are

Steve Lee

for some of these friends got rewards from last month (August) to help encourage new member participation on the telegram Chat

I propose Vikash, Arcadia, Kenneth_jay, Larry Lang and Vishwadeep for the September Rewards.

I am willing to propose
Bailey12, Ben, Moris on the next month (October)considering their participation and helpfulness.

also I propose an NFT to be given to all winners of the last two months as we talked on the moderator’s chat @3UN1C3 if you can arrange it.

@David_NEAR @Grace @3UN1C3 @jcatnear @amosbestcookie @RileyTran @Dacha


We can try this too

To avoid rewarding community members on monthly bases we can try this to increase engagement and to reward members who post something extraordinary during chats I call it Extraordinary Post

HOW THE Extraordinary Post WORKS
We love our community and we love seeing the many posts that educate, strengthen, and support the community!

From time to time there is a post that deserves more than just the short-lived attention it may receive before the chat in the various channels scrolls on. I call it " Extraordinary Post "

The team have to be constantly on the lookout for " Extraordinary Post " to share across social media channels. It’s another way of creating content from the community members and telling them their present is appreciated

These posts will be posts made by community members in any of the channels in discord or telegram.

There is nothing to submit or enter…community members have to just carry on with their chats in the various channels. The team will be watching! And if they determine your post is an "Extraordinary Post " they will share it across social media channels and reward the community member with some NEAR.

@Grace @jcatnear @KriptoRaptor @Dacha @David_NEAR


Top 14 active members are (apart from Mods and de-gens)

Vikash, Bailey12, Kenneth_jay, Arcadia, Larry Lang, Max, Noley, cudam321, Mr. B0n3, Cuong DC, Carlos Fetucho Jordan, Jisso Turtle Rabbit Kim, Anup, Moris

Since Vikash, Arcadia, Kenneth_jay, Larry Lang received rewards previous month (September)

Considering their participation on events/promoting them and helpfulness I propose
Bailey12, Noley, Mr B0n3, Anup and Cuong DC
for the October Monthly Rewards

edit: cudam321 is also a degen so changed it


Hey George.
I also think it’s time to change the format a little bit.
Let’s brainstorm about this. Thank you for your valuable opinions.

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I don’t think so. where did you get this information?

Ya i think we should :thinking: Let’s have an open discussion here on some new ideas of the selection process and rewards!

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We can do NEAR swag too!

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Oh, sorry, my bad. You’re right