[Approved] Updated Marketing proposal for Naksh from Mid Nov till December

Hi marketing team at Near. After having discussions with the Dao council member @satojandro
we have re-evaluated our fund proposal and presenting you an updated proposal for the upcoming month.
Previous proposal for your reference. ([Proposal] 2 Month Social Media Marketing budget for Naksh - An NFT Marketplace for Vernacular Art from India)

We are super excited to introduce Naksh, an NFT marketplace, working alongside artists across India who hold expertise in traditional and digital mediums.

We would love your help in spreading the word across and your support to the platform.

Name: Naksh
Team: @Srilakshmi @nidhi

Naksh is an NFT marketplace which provides a platform to artisans and artists of India. Currently the project is at the development stage, the landing page is planned to be launched by the upcoming week of November and the 1st Version is planned to be launched by the 2nd-3rd week of December.

Funding Scheme : One-time for one month
Type of Marketing: Beta-testing Incentive and Discord/Telegram Moderators.

In the first month we will only look at organic growth of the community through social media and Near Platforms.

Currently Naksh is active on

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NakshMarket?s=20

Instagram: @nakshmarketplace

Linkedin: [https://www.linkedin.com/company/naksh-marketplace/ ]

Post the launch of the landing page a small campaign will be done to funnel people to our discord and telegram community, who will be creating near wallets and testing out our marketplace prior to the launch and Near tokens will be given to them as incentives.

We want to have a pool of 100N for at-least 50 Users as incentive to test the site and give us feedback including the focus group.

Discord Set up and moderator - 200N
Telegram Moderator - 100N

We want to have 2 moderators to help us create channels, navigate and guide the users for testing and interaction purpose in both the platforms.
Looking for someone in the NFT space who can resonate with the brand as well.

Total Requested amount in NEAR 400 in USD 3880 (As per 9.7 conversion)

Near Wallet ID : naksh.near

Please let us know if there are any other queries or if we missed out on anything, we will be glad to fill you guys in.

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Hi Team,

We have a quick update! We have finally found a moderator for our channels!
@satojandro Also, we will take help from the silicon craftsmen for the user testing and questionnaire compilation!

We are also going ahead and seeking help from @flyingrhino guild for our social media!

Would love to know if you guys had any questions or feedbacks for the proposal.



Thanks for submitting the revised proposal!

Excited to see the progress of your projects and how closely you are collaborating with other contributors to the ecosystem.

I’m happy to approve this proposal in its current form. Do note that we will be requiring all Marketing applicants to set up an AstroDAO for the payout recipient. Let me know if you have any questions on or issues setting one up.

@marketingdao-council Pls review


This is good with me, happy to move it to Approved

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This is good with me as well. Approving on the DAO

Good evening. Could you please provide results of your work. Thank You.

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Chairs in the morning - money in the evening…

but here it is different

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