Hello Community!

Another month in 2023 and the application for the June funding round has already ended.

The Creatives DAO received a total of 9 submissions for the month, reflecting the wide variety of creative initiatives within the community. 5 initiatives were selected for this funding round following a thorough evaluation process that was in line with the NEAR Strategic Goals and the established policies and processes of the Creatives DAO.

List of approved proposals for June 2023

Some proposals did not match the requirements and were not given funding approval. We value the work made by these DAOs, and we encourage them to use the evaluation input to improve their subsequent proposals and hopefully, we will see them again next month.

June Proposal Review - Creatives Constellation

For approved proposals, please wait for a comment under your posting on how to proceed under the new guidelines.

You can schedule a call with Creatives Constellations Open Hours using this Calendly link to get clarifications and possible advices before submitting a proposal.

Thank you!

Stay NEAR, stay Creatives! :art:


Congratulations to all the approved Dao. I think the @creativesdao-council members missed the proposal for Near woman as it was on the spread sheet. Thank You. Cheers


You are correct @Bimpsyy, unfortunately, we forgot to include your proposal for review in the June round. On behalf of Creatives, I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. As we begin a new round in two weeks, we will ensure that your Proposal is included in the evaluation process. Furthermore, we will take measures to prevent such a situation from occurring again in the future.

In the meantime, I encourage you to review the evaluation spreadsheet. Based on the feedback provided to other DAOs, you can utilize the remaining time to further strengthen your proposal.

Once again, please accept our apologies, and we appreciate your understanding.


Okay pawel, I understand, thank You. Can we maybe schedule a meeting before the next round of funding with the councils.

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On behalf of INA DAO - Thank you!

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Feel free to schedule a call using the link below:

See you on the call!

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