Community Updates

The closure of the funding round for this month had come late to give way to the NDC elections. We want to give a big shoutout and a huge thank you to everyone who supported Creatives DAO and its candidates during the campaign and to all the hardworking folks who helped spread the word. You rock! :raised_hands::clap:

We dominated the BOS with our awesome moves during NEAR APAC! Big thanks to El Café Cartel for setting up a cool coffee booth that generated 1300 cups of coffee in one day with the help of sharddog to help us rally :coffee: #BOS #CDAO

A side event in NEAR APAC happened that is called BOS BEATS where we chill, vibe and network with several ecosystem key players! Thanks to DAO Records, BEAT DAO, Proof of Vibes and NDC for making it happen!

Here are few more updates from the community:

  • Svara DAO will be representing Creatives DAO in Indonesian Music Expo (IMEX)
  • Filipino Artist DAO secured a partnership with WACOM, the global leader in the pen display and tablet market for creative users
  • Apex Trybe dropped a fresh EP called “Road Trip”, with the release, a special PFP collection is coming with it

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See the full list of proposal list and verdicts given through this link:

September Proposal Review - Creatives DAO - Google Sheets

Applications for funding in September are all done. The Creatives DAO got 18 proposals from various DAOs and 5 partnership proposals. After looking really closely at all of them, 5 are approved for community funding, and 2 are approved for partnerships segment this month. Here’s the list of approved proposals:

Community Poposals

Partnership Proposals

Total funding approved for September 2023: $36,991.00

Creatives DAO is the title sponsor for the upcoming ETH Milan next week! If you are coming to the event, feel free to come by and say hi!

Join our community: https://t.me/CreativeGuilds
Stay NEAR, Stay Creatives


Hello Mods @creativesdao-council I think my proposal got missed:


Please I will like to know how every Dao proposals performed in terms of points in this month Funding quarters… Because I can’t find it on the report.



Hey @Hawwal @Styleherbalist @OfficerLehLeh_01, its not missed. I forgot to attach the spreadsheet, sorry about that. It is now available at the top!


Hello @kc_sollano @creativesdao-council I think the list wasn’t updated completely I can’t find my proposal


Let’s goo!! I’m really waiting to see all events​:tada::sparkles:

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Thanks, team for all the effort you put into making the creative DAO an impactful.