[Announcement] Creatives Constellation Strategic Partnership Program


To put CDAO on a global web3 map and assist NEAR in reaching its strategic goals of 10 Million MAA.


  • Help create awareness about CDAO globally
  • To create on chain activity via projects funded
  • Increase MAA as per NEAR strategic goals
  • Create sustainability and continuously lengthen the runway for Creatives Constellation.

Reason for strategic partnerships

As the Creatives Constellation keeps growing, the need to create partnerships arise

  • To have a global presence which will help represent our communities better and bring in more creative communities to the Creatives Constellation.
  • To have more products and services that will assist the creative community or help NEAR reach its strategic goals.
  • Helping in getting more funding in future from external funding sources
  • To move the weight of creating Monthly active wallets from the Creatives community towards events and digital products and services, so creatives can focus on creating art.

In short, a strategic partnership is any partnership that helps in creating a global presence for Creatives Constellation, assists in achieving NEAR strategic goals, helps create Monthly active wallets and strengthens community cohesion.

As every partnership will be very unique in its offering, evaluation will not be based on metrics but assessed based on the combination of parameters it fulfills.


  • What is the team experience and can they pull off the project proposed?
  • What is the Value prop offered and how does it help CDAO and NEAR?
  • Does this helps in creating Brand awareness for CDAO? What are the numbers expected
  • How many monthly active wallets can the proposed project deliver?
  • What kind of onchain activity will the project deliver?
  • One time or milestone based funding?

The cap on monthly partnerships will be milestone based or one time upto 10k PM only subject to change with approvals from CDAO councils in case of an urgent opportunity.

The proposal is open to be submitted by anyone building or wanting to build on NEAR that can help CDAO achieve the mission mentioned on top.

Please feel free to suggest any more criteria or should changes that will help us grow more.

Make you voice heard!



This is great and a creative way to go… Because it create sustainability through real time events and projects that will put Near Protocol and CDAO creative community on the world map… I will want to ask, when is this creatives constellation Partnership program will kick off? Like when should we start dropping proposals?


This is wonderful. Looking forward to exploring the possibilities.

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Implementing this innovative approach is not only commendable but also demonstrates a commitment to fostering sustainability. Truely Creatives

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Great initiative I must say!
Is this partnership just for creatives or creative orientated projects
Can a tech team that meets up with the outlined parameters apply?

Greetings! We are polishing up our application, ready to submit soon.

I had a couple of follow up questions, for clarity:

  • What technical resources, integrations, app workshops, etc, are possible to organise from NEAR, to help our admins/team integrate, interact with, and customise NEAR apps?
  • Milestone vs Single payment - How are milestones managed? Upon completing a milestone, get paid for milestone? Or complete previous milestone, get advanced for the next milestone (this is more relevant to arts/events, as it helps sort necessary deposits for events, etc. Historically, we otherwise cover all the costs ourselves, and wait - sometimes a long time - for reimbursement
  • $10k PM" - Does this mean Per Month, or something else? It relates to the next question
  • What is the reasonable time frame under which we propose all of the events? For example, share our road map over the next 4-6 months (through the end of 2023?) We also have 2-3 major arts-tech events / tours planned for early 2024 - these wouldn’t be possible under the original budget allocation (that would already go towards 2-3 major events in 2023). Would there be a pathway to apply again for another round, assuming everybody is mutually satisfied with the outcomes of the first phase?

Thanks for your time and consideration. We’re excited to be putting this plan together, as I’m sure you will be when you see it.

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This is great!
I like the initiative, looking forward to more initiatives like this.

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This is great Initiative by Creatives Would love to explore more opportunities within CDAO and Near Protocol :ninja:

This is a quality initiative, its really a way to good… I support it.

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Wow! This is amazing, would love to be a part of this.

What is the meaning of MAA?

I believe it’s Monthly Active Accounts