Hello Community,

Let’s take a moment to look back at the end of the August funding round applications. The Creatives DAO got a good amount of proposals, receiving 11 submissions for bi-monthly community funding and 5 partnership proposals this month. After carefully checking through them all, we’re thrilled to reveal that 6 outstanding projects and 3 partnership proposals have been chosen for funding this time around.

Bi-monthly community proposals

Take a look at the scoring feedback to identify ways the proposal can enhance its own strengths:

Partnership Proposals

For those proposals and partnerships that have been approved, kindly anticipate a comment on our post. This comment will provide you with instructions on how to proceed in accordance with the updated guidelines.

We strongly urge all individuals to consider arranging a consultation through the Creatives Constellations Open Hours. This can be scheduled using the following Calendly link. This session will provide valuable insights into proposals that were not approved and offer potential guidance in refining your drafts before resubmission.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Stay NEAR, stay Creatives :art:


Thank you! Excited to work it out! What are the next steps now regarding the new guidelines?


Hey @duOCELOT, please check your approved proposal, I left a note regarding the next steps.

Sorry guys,
I have sent a submission as well… Did you see it? Because it does not show up in your google docs… (Internal) Proposal Review - Creatives DAO - Google Sheets