[Finished] CDAO Advisors


CreativesDAO operates as the grassroots funding node, with the goal of facilitating the mass adoption of NEAR by leveraging its technology in the entertainment and creative industry. As CreativesDAO is a community-driven initiative, gathering feedback at the recent NEARcon allows the community to play a vital role in our growth.

CDAO has been evolving and continues to expand; therefore, we need proper expertise, especially in the NDC V1 for Creatives. We are looking for two advisors who are passionate about NEAR technology, the creative/entertainment industry, governance, and community building.

The advisor will be eligible for a monthly bounty of $1,000. Additionally, this position has the potential to evolve into a Council position after Q1 of 2024.

Are you a good fit for the role?

You are an individual who can listen to others, respect others’ work, and give and take feedback from other team members. You can work independently while also collaborating with others. You stay up to date with NEAR developments and web3 trends, preferably possessing a strong technical background in the field. With that said, candidates must possess the following:

  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of programming,
  • Team player,
  • Ability to take criticism without being disrespectful,
  • Capability to work with varying time zones and under pressure,
  • Excellent communication skills and a vast network in the web3 field,
  • Advanced proficiency in web3 and crypto,
  • A crypto governance enthusiast.

Time commitment

Approximately 10-20 hours per week, or as needed, as the advisory role is a part-time position.

As an Advisor to CreativesDAO, you will:

  • Help facilitate the creative funding node with the current team,
  • Assist in onboarding communities to NEAR,
  • Participate in internal meetings, and produce monthly reports.

Please note that the responsibilities might not be limited only to those outlined above.

To Apply

  1. Reply to this post, briefly describing your experience in web3, working with code (GitHub repository commitment will make your application stronger), and state your interest in joining the CDAO as an advisor,
  2. Email to councils@creativesdao.org with details of your application, resume/CV, links to your portfolio, social media, etc.,
  3. Application Deadline: December 10th,
  4. Final Decision by December 13th.

Greetings CDAO Council and Community! As you know, I’ve been an active member of CDAO since it’s inception and very proud to see the leaps and strides the community and its leaders have taken since I stepped down from my council position in the early days. I’ve witnessed the ups and down, the struggles and the wins and I am formally submitting my application for the position of Advisor so I might better serve the community and apply the many things I have learned along my 6+ year journey in Web3, and my over 3 years in the Near ecosystem.

Although I’m not proficient in programming, I have an excellent understanding of the technology having been at the helm of implementing novel smart contracts for DAOrecords, along with a curiosity that has always kept me ahead of the curve. Here’s my Github link anyway.

I do hope you consider my application and the weight of my contribution to the community as a member and, potentially, an advisor.


Take Vandal as an advisor to CDAO, I know his capabilities and the way he leads, this will strengthen CDAO’s pillars to support the community, considering we are about to enter NDC v.1 governance, IMO :pray:t3:


Dear CreativesDAO Council,

I am writing to express my keen interest in the advisory position at CreativesDAO. With my extensive experience in software engineering, blockchain technology, working with decentralized communities and a deep passion for supporting artists and creatives, I am confident that I possess the skills and dedication to make a significant contribution to your organization.

Having over 8 years of experience in computer science and tech, over 4 years in Software Engineering and over 2 years of experience in web3 and blockchain, here are the relevant Development Accomplishments I have made as a Frontend Engineer - Near Builder at Minority Programmers Association

  • Spearheaded the development of GenaDrop, a multichain AI-powered NFT generation platform.
  • Mentored junior devs to get them started on BOS on their internship program at Minority Programmers Association
  • Led the front-end design for CreativesDAO Gateway including Drops.Fund and DropFlow
  • Deployed multiple gateways on NEAR including the first NFT gateway, and assisted with countless others
  • Worked with NFT Contracts, DAO Contracts, Mintbase Middleware and the Social graph
  • Worked on funding opportunities Secured funding from multiple ecosystem sources for Minority Programmers’ projects.

I am eager to share my expertise and insights with CreativesDAO, contributing to the direction of products and assisting with technical challenges. My goal is to make CreativesDAO the go to community for all communities in Web3 and put towards a point of sustainability, as well as create automated systems for showing the work we are doing.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the prospect of discussing my qualifications in further detail.


Jiku Godwill Nsanwi.

Relevant Github links

Jikugodwill (Jiku Godwill Nsanwi) · GitHub

GenaDrop Gateway Repo

CPlanet Gateway Repo

GenaDrop Monorepo for bos-workspace


I support him, he has been a great developer and builder. Built one of the most used component on BOS

  1. Reply to this post, briefly describing your experience in web3, working with code (GitHub repository commitment will make your application stronger), and state your interest in joining the CDAO as an advisor,

I have been a crypto enthusiast since 2016, particularly for its cultural and social impacts, and have been a member of the Creatives DAO since the spring of 2021. I have observed CDAO from the beginning stages and every iteration of its evolution. Those that have also been around, are aware of my strong feelings about how the operations and priorities have been conducted. Saving everybody the rant, I believe we can do better, and it is our responsibility to do so.

In most humility, I believe that my contributions speak for themselves, at least as it pertains to those evaluating my candidacy, and my intentions and motivations have always been aligned with the best interests of NEAR.

I am acutely aware of the criticisms of CDAO past and have expressed many of the same. However, I do believe that I am in the best position of experience, insight and ability to help coordinate and synergize a more impactful future that will meet the needs and KPIs of the NEAR ecosystem.

I would hope to help develop an infrastructure and foundation for other communities to leverage as they look to move into web3.

Rather than prioritizing simply creating artistic works, I propose establishing proof of concepts for the tools being used. That will create context and repeatable templates that can be used for onboarding new users and retaining existing ones.

One of my biggest goals in accomplishing this would be to work with other core projects on NEAR, as well as the governing bodies, while also exploring outside opportunities that will help the ecosystem grow.

We would work directly with these core teams to help build strategies that align with thriving, already existing communities for integrations and partnerships to expand the reach of products, projects, and messaging.

My professional background is in branding, marketing, and PR, with an emphasis on events and brand strategy. I have more than 12 years of professional experience working for agencies and as a freelancer. This includes project/account management, developing campaigns & community outreach strategies, building partnerships and effectively managing multi-six-figure budgets.

Taking almost an Andy Warhol approach and focusing on “business art” ultimately, I aim to contribute to a collaborative meritocracy, where art and tech intersect in ways that enrich the lives and experience of the end-users and reach more of them by meeting them where they are.

Artists are the culture builders, and we need to bridge the gap between the innovations we create and the culture it serves.

I am more than happy to privately share any other details or answer any questions about my experience and why I believe I am the right fit for the role. However, I do not feel comfortable sharing personal information on the forum due to community members habitually and invasively overstepping boundaries without proper checks and balances, or accountability.

Thank you for your consideration.



Hello CDAO council, I would like to submit my application for the advisor role in the CDAO. I have been a member of the Near ecosystem for about 3 years now and an active member of the Cdao during this time duration which has lead to some remarkable projects in the past. I have a somewhat novice level of programming like JS and React further more a huge understanding of Github as I have created various repositories contributing to other ecosystems outside Near, here is a link to my Github
I will really appreciate to be considered for the advisor role in the CDao. Thanks.


Greetings, I am EL.

A brief background about me, I am an Interior Designer by profession, but have gone into the building in the Metaverse during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I run a metaverse game development studio called XOVOX Labs and founded a decentralized crowdfunding platform for creators called DAOCre-8 which won 4th place from Solana’s recent Hyperdrive Hackathon.

I’m also a multi-disciplinary artist and had my works featured in shows and galleries in the past. I am passionate about the creative industries and am currently helping push for it in the Philippine’s with the new law supporting Creative verticals and initiatives.

I believe that my background would be of help as both a creative and a technopreneur, providing a unique perspective that the Creatives DAO will hopefully benefit from.

I’ve been supporting artists, specifically in the East and Southeast Asian Regions in the NFT space by being a patron of their arts, helping through connecting them to helpful resources, and collaborating with them when given the opportunity.

Having been immersed in the NEAR ecosystem for around 2 years now, witnessing the ebb and flow of the community, the fervent and resilient efforts brought forth in the past, and the advances that it has made in terms realizing the space - I feel like I can help out furthering that through the Creatives DAO specifically, especially now with the market going through its second-wind, and get a renewed interest in the arts.

Thank you for your consideration,


@MALAMAYA would be a great fit for this role!


Definitely support, Rhyme :star_struck: He has helped me as a newbie person in the ecosystem and has taken the time to talk to me about the nitty-gritty about proposal sumission, as well as how the community as a whole should profit from a project.


Hello. :slightly_smiling_face: I am a person who knows how to listen and listen to my interlocutor. Any human work done correctly should be respected by others.
Reviews, criticism and advice from other participants are a huge plus and I accept them when making the right conclusions.
The tasks assigned to me and other participants will be completed efficiently and on time.
Web3 is a huge success Near.
I’ve been familiar with the Near ecosystem for more than two years and follow all the events.

My programming knowledge is average.
Teamwork is about criticism and guidance, so I respond quite well to all of this.
I freely find a common language with the community and officials in the Web3 community, this applies not only to the Near ecosystem.
Competent work can take more than 20 hours, but this is quite doable.

Ready to help the current team in facilitating the financing hub.

Always open to community and feedback on adaptations related to the ecosystem Near.

Meetings, reports will be completed on time.

I understand how busy and busy this position is.
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Dear CreativesDAO Team,

I hope all moderators finds you well.
My name is Frado, and I am thrilled to apply for the Advisor position at CreativesDAO, as Advisor.


Please find below an extended version of my biography for your reference.

Small Biography:


With over 30 years of experience in creative project development, art, branding, and technology, I have a deep passion for the crypto space since 2016. In 2020, I started selling NFTs on the Tezos blockchain and actively engaged in the Brazilian crypto community.
The founding of fraDAO in 2021 showcased our commitment to the ecosystem. Recently, my involvement in hackathons, including a third-place finish at HackBOS and participation in NEARCON Hackathon in Lisbon, has further enriched my crypto experience.

Why I’m a Good Fit:

I believe my extensive background makes me well-suited for the Advisor role. I am prepared to take on responsibilities such as facilitating the creative funding node, onboarding communities to NEAR, participating in internal meetings, and producing monthly reports.
I can extend my responsibility if you guys need.

Expanded Responsibilities:

I propose expanding my responsibilities to include:
• Conducting workshops on project management using Trello
• Organizing GitHub libraries and protocols
• Recruiting programmers for BOS projects
• Hosting a basic coding language workshop for artists
• Guiding programmers to comment on their code for future DAO autonomy

Project Management and Leadership Background:


Drawing on my experience as a project manager and leader during the Rio 2016 Olympics, where I contributed to the development of multisensory tech Sculpture, I aim to share insights, advise on art projects, foster creative ideas, guide community building, and offer brand creation advice.



My diverse skill set includes audio capture, mixing, and mastering, music production, image capture for cinema, music, and branding, video editing using Premier and DaVinci Resolve, expertise in Metaverse and NFTs, web3 creative project workshops, C++ programming for Arduino, intermediate skills in HTML, CSS, JS, project management, experience design, exhibition curation, projection and sound design, community building, tokenization, teamwork, advanced proficiency in web3 and crypto, governance, fund strategy (studying for CPA-20 certification), diplomacy, and branding.

Key Achievements:


I played a significant role in creating the Rio Carnival Brand, winning prestigious international awards.
Additionally, I contributed to the development of a multisensorial sculpture for Rio 2016, achieving recognition at 02 Golds Lyon in Cannes, D&AD(Design), and other national and Latam awards.
I currently serve as an Ambassador of NFT Brasil and have spoken at events like NFT Rio, Rio Innovation Week, and Blockchain Rio.



• KAOSPILOT (DE) – Experience Design
• Parque Laje – Art and Technology(arduino – Raspberry pie and sensors)
• Universidade Estacio de Sá – Business Administration
• IATEC- Audio for TV and Cinema – 2001
• Musiarte – Functional Harmony and Arrangement – 2000
• ANBIMA- Investment funds certification CPA-20 – Studing in progress

I am eager to contribute my skills and experience to drive the growth of CreativesDAO.
Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how I can further contribute to the success of CreativesDAO.

Best Regards,

:dizzy: :pray:


My links:
fradomnt (Frado) · GitHub
if have some gitHub private files tell me to share.


We would like to thank everyone who submitted their application for the CDAO Advisory role! We genuinely appreciate your time and interest!

We have been deliberating intensely for the past 3 days regarding the final decision, and we have managed to conclude that the best candidates are:

Congratulations, guys! Soon, we will reach out to you regarding the next steps!


Congratulations @vandal ! Really Appreciate!
Congratulations :tada: and Nice to meet you @MALAMAYA welcome a board



Congrats and have a great work !


Congratulations! @vandal and @MALAMAYA :fire::fire:


Congrats to both appointees @vandal & @MALAMAYA :+1:

Have to say I’m v surprised that @rhymetaylor hasn’t been selected though ? :eyes:

Appreciate that I’m an outsider to the process here…but his track record - both internally & externally - and his profile would seem a perfect fit

What about having three advisors…to match the three council?


Congratulations @vandal


We definitely can’t deny the work that @rhymetaylor has been putting in. 3 Advisors would be awesome!