[PROPOSAL] Logo and brand redesign

Logo redesign and branding


Logo redesign and brand pack

The current BCC logo (above) and design language are a good starting point, but there’s now a real need for something that is more instantly recognisable across various platforms, especially social icons. The current logo was an amateur job done by yours truly! After speaking to @ted.iv, there is clearly a lot more that can be done to improve it and it would make a big difference to our presence online in particular.

The current design language will be refined, and expanded to include frames and a design pack template for long-term use.

What’s involved

Now working with @ted.iv to produce the project. I’m no designer, so maybe you could give a little more detail about what’s involved, Eddie?!

Deliverables. Logo, brand pack, media frames.

We'll also mint the logo as multiple NFTs. One to be gifted to the designer, others to the council as simple souvenirs. Others will be modified before minting and can hopefully be used to give out as free passes/lifetime passes to shows, instead of sending TicketTailor tickets :) This depends slightly on how to control this. To be discussed as part of the Mintbase ticketing set up.

Timeline: by 07/05/22

The 400$ may not cover the entire cost, but will is at least guaranteed to make the project feasible

Total 400USD x NEAR
Target: blackcatcinema.near



Morning, Dan and Eddie! That’s some exciting project you have here!

As a big cinema fan and an aspiring graphic designer, I’m looking forward to work with you. But could you tell me more about the result you wanna see in the end? Any preferences?

Here’s my portfolio on Behance: Behance

After many back and forths and various iterations, I’m very happy to say that we have finally come to a decision on the new & improved Black Cat Cinema logo:

We are currently finalising the brand pack including colour palette, brand guidelines, primary and secondary typefaces.

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Looks really cool!!!

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Quick update: The logo above, having been finalised, has been sent over in all it’s variations, including the editable file along with a full brand manual with colour palettes, typography, logo usage, and other guides.

Here is a photo of it up on the screen for the first time last Sunday: