Planting AIR 2.0 - DAO & Guild

Arroz Estúdios’ project called Planting A.I.R was launched in Mar/April 2021 with the intention of giving free studio spaces to creatives and artists from non-privileged backgrounds, helping them to interact with Near ecosystem and blockchain language. The first edition of this project, still ongoing (with 2 new residents - Héverton Harieno @hevertonharieno and David Arranhado), will be finished soon. For the continuation and expansion of this project, we intend to set up another DAO for it in the next few weeks.

In this post the council members (@StevenR + @Mette + @lamour + @JulianaM ) will be editing with the next steps of the project, the new goals of it and the upcoming structure of it.

Planting DAO purpose:

Planting AIR is a residency program for artists and creatives at Arroz Estúdios. The aim of this DAO is to keep funding this project for the next editions and to help expand the possibilities inside and outside the Arroz community.

Some of the goals:

  • Support artists from low-income backgrounds
  • Create a platform for artistic creation
  • Expand our presence within NEAR ecosystem and community
  • Be part of the educational & NEAR integration of Arroz Estúdios

DAO work (to be distributed to council member and more people from the community)

Monthly tasks:

  • Writing the Budget/request in the beginning of each month
  • Writing reports of the accomplishments in the end of the month
  • Guide people to apply for payouts in our SputnikDAO
  • Daily/physical support to the artists
  • Educational sessions about Crypto, NFTs, Near and so on.
  • Keep up with the Timelines, goals, residency reports.
  • Reading + voting in proposals

Temporary tasks:

  • Ideation of the new Open Call
  • Interview the candidates
  • Set up the studios
  • Helping with Exhibition setting up

The ongoing edition mixed 2 different concepts in one: supporting artists from low income backgrounds + giving physical space for artistic expression and creation. The idea is to split the efforts and develop two different programs at the same time with different goals and different kinds of support.

  1. Artist stipends program

Profile: Artists from low-income backgrounds and/or with financial difficulties that need financial support in order to achieve their projects. With no big expectations about the final results from us, they will be stress free from a final outcome. At the same time they will need to report the work in progress of the project.

A monthly budget to support artists through stipends. In this way we can support them in what they are most needing: money. The application process could be focused on artistic projects proposals and portfolio presentation.

We could give 70% of the stipend in the beginning of the program, and then 30% in the end after a proper report of the development of the project (this doesn’t need to be so bureaucratic, just a simple report showing some works in progress or results).

We will be open to showcase their work too at Arroz or give them opportunities such as running workshops, participating in sunday markets, etc.

Obs: in this way we can support people struggling to achieve a project with money to buy materials, supplies and so on without the stress of the commitment to finish a project (sometimes people won’t have time to constantly be in the studios due to day jobs or some other difficulties in life)

  1. Art Residency powered by NEAR

Profile: professional artists that fit Arroz in terms of style and concept, needing space in order to develop a project.

Residency of 1-2 months. They will receive a studio space + exhibitions/gigs opportunities + guidance in how to apply for funding in the NEAR ecosystem (2 workshops per resident). Conditions: commitment in using the studio and to develop an art proposal + minting at least 2 NFTs in Arroz Mintbase Store.

Obs: by focusing the residency in an artistic proposal and quality of work, we are not giving money straight-away, but we will show how to apply for it.


Very excited to work on this v2.0, big thanks to the Near team for the ongoing support and making this possible :pray::fire:

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Nice one Juliana! So many opportunities for more artists to get support!

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