[Update] Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residence Progress

Hello everyone!

Just to give an update on our program Planting A.I.R. - Artists in Residence, as the 1st cycle of residencies is almost ending :face_holding_back_tears:

Along these 2 months, our resident artists @nkakasessa.near and @tomassnts.near have been successfully onboared and fully integrated into NEAR ecosystem, following the 4 workshops developed specifically for this program. A big thank you to @StevenR @vandal and @marianeu who facilitated these workshops.

While @tomassnts.near is now working on his exhibition, @nkakasessa.near is preparing the launch of his EP. You can see both their residency final projects on the 8th of April event at Arroz Estúdios. Drop by if you’re in Lisbon! :microphone: :art:


I really love what Planting Air is doing and I hope that in May we can set something up via #vandao as well to help out!!!


Here comes a little gift from the LENS DAO: a couple impressions from NKAKA SESSA’s EP release gig last Friday:


Awesome! :sunglasses: Thanks for sharing.