[REPORT] Monthly report Arroz Criativo AUGUST

This report will still be edited & missing parts will be updated within the next days.

Hello everyone,

here is the monthly report for August.


  • change of council: @Mette has joined and @JulianaM & myself will leave the council. You can find the according post here.

  • changed value from 7N to 5N/h for September given the current price of NEAR.

Project Accounting: TBA

DAO: arrozcriativo.sputnikdao.near

New Spaces /45.5N
Planting Air
Communications TBC
Booking TBC
Funding TBC
Events TBC

Council Payout:
@Mette 100N (due to transition and beginning mid. of the month)
@JulianaM 100N (due to transition and finishing mid. of the month)
@StevenR TBC
@tabear TBC

On Hold:


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