[APPROVED] October 2021 Budget Arroz Criativo

Guild : Arroz Criativo
DAO : arrozcriativo.sputnikdao.near
Project Balance

Council Members:
@ vandal , @ squattingPigeon, @ Mette,

We’re working on establishing gender parity in the council.
Mette is the only female member atm. Studio manager Catia is to join once she is fully inducted to the studios and community. We will need to recruit a fifth member concurrently to achieve an uneven number.

Our report can be seen here if you’d like to check what we’ve been up to last month.

We anticipate 315N for projects and 313N of operationals to total 628N @ N=7.7$ or 4835$

projects 315N

  • Merchandising : 56N = 431.2$ Proposal can be seen here.

  • Ongoing funding for Fundraising and report: 12h x 4 = 48h x 3N = 144N = 1108$

  • Planting Air still awaiting DAO Creation= 30N contingency = 231$

  • Film Scoring /Halloween Event 85N (approx 650$). Proposal can be seen here.

  • Note : studio refurbishments and bar training will be funded in November.

Operational Costs 313N

  • Community Management = approx 30 hours = 100N (770$)
  • Council Work : 26N per council x3 = 78N (600$)
  • 10% stake for new venue = 50N (385$)
  • Physical Onboarding on demand for this month : 85N = 654$

Thanks @squattingPigeon we will bring this to the council tonight on our call later!


Great to see a set vision regarding gender parity on your DAO council in addition to seeing all these activities.

A couple of questions:

  • is there a new Fundraising post with the October objectives? great to link back to the general overview of what the team is doing but would be good to have clarity around what was done and how that impacts what you’re hoping to have occur over this month. I see there’s the report for the first month [Report] Arroz Fundraising Team September but since it was written partway through the month, what has changed? what’s the strategy?

  • since we’re looking to form the Planting AIR DAO in November is this being noted here for general reference or…?

After today’s discussion, also wondering if the workshops are being kept to this month with the decision to move education workshops to November? They then have no bearing on this proposal. But if they are still being kept for this month, is there a proposal regarding the content, dates, theme, etc?

Also @chloe moved this to the Creatives DAO subcategory for ease of the council’s reference.


Hi @mecsbecs ,

I believe fundraising is an ongoing post to be funded every month hence the link to the proposal. There are complicated problems to be solved with land registry, licensing with local authorities and admin infrastructure such as mission statement etc…i know they have a consulting architect who will deliver a report but i can’t detail everything here. The consulting report will probably detail where to start and yes it will need some budget for Cilian who is also working on it. No short term gains in this and no reliable plan is possible before we see the architect’s report. The October report should detail the work though we can’t deliver that now obviously.

re planting air yes it is a reference and reminder that it has be live asap.

re workshops i don’t see them happening this month so i propose reallocation to onboarding as we are slim this month and may be some funds to fundraising and/or planting air because work is being done that is not rewarded.

and thanks @chloe for moving things where they should be!


I see, thanks for the clarification @squattingPigeon. Yes, understood it’s on ongoing team but I think it would be more relevant to link to the most recent report which features a snapshot of the most recent activities as the council looks at the full budget for the next month.

As for the other points, do edit this post accordingly when you can so we’re seeing the updated look at the budget. Feel free to mark any ongoing projects that don’t need funding for this month’s budget below with a header like “Note for next month” for ease of reading.


All done!..let me know if you need anything else


Thanks for updating the proposal!

Just a note/idea for the fundraising position for future proposals:
Generally a DAO decides if a proposal/request makes sense as they see fit. Just mentioning this as this request takes about 1/5 of the total value and Arroz also consists of plenty of talented artists itself which maybe could use funding directly for creative projects.

Nevertheless I think funding is very important for cultural associations, as it is usually hard to get.
As more associations located in Portugal could also benefit from this to grow, it might be worth considering sharing infos/the outcome of this position (for ex. funding or collaboration opportunities, guidelines etc).

An option could be formulating it as a kind of “research position” which gathers informations that are then open to more creatives. This would add a little more weight and importance to the funding request from the Creatives DAO.


This proposal has now been [APPROVED], please feel free to submit a payout proposal to the Creatives DAO for 628 N :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for all your advice and help with this!


Thanks for the feedback T!

The report here says : “I will soon share a public Google Drive folder detailing my hours, the progress and applications and research made throughout the month.”

So it looks like sharing everything is the plan.

I know how the budget looks but i hope you understand i can’t single handedly shut down an existing department that is not my initiative :sweat_smile:

If you guys want to reconsider the utility of this which i think is perfectly legitimate i invite you to have the conversation with Mette & Cilian.


No worries at all. Just gave some thoughts and side nodes, I was not talking about shutting it down as I also see a benefit for the community with it. But as mentioned above, each own DAO and the members have a vote on it too :slight_smile:

I am also aware of your position and this was not meant to be personal criticism, you’ve done great work so far!


I agree with @tabear about the importance of having it shared with other Near communities (DAOs and Guilds). Not sure if it is a sustainable “job” position, considering it is 1/5 of the total budget you are requesting that could be allocated to creative projects. Not every DAO is a cultural association so external funding (State funding like Creative Europe, for example) would not apply for DAOs not legally accepted as organizations. Also agree that it could be valuable information, nevertheless. This could be an useful way of gathering ideas of co-funding possibilities and help bringing more sustainability to DAOs (on-chain + off-chain ) :slight_smile:

because work is being done that is not rewarded.

Just a quick note about this comment. The funding flow works like this: (proposal > approval > then people can start working on the projects). In general projects/work are not funded in retrospect.


Hey @tabear @JulianaM @mecsbecs

Thanks for the feedback and very relevant, comments, concerns, thoughts and questions. I really do appreciate them and also apologise for my lack of a recent report; there is a lot to try to get my head and Killian has been helping a lot.

It is really important for associations and cultural organisations of all sizes and to think about funding, be it on chain or of chain.
Whether it’s in essence research - with occasional big applications - or relationship building with all kinds of external parties, this takes time to build up. And there’s never a good time to start a dedicated long term planning role with so many other more direct and faster impact projects needing funding all the time.

But by never setting aside the money for a dedicated role (be it me or anyone else) to focus on a long term strategy to make e.g. a cultural association long term viable, surely we just risk that short term dependency on any kind one stream of funding / income, results in a continuously precarious situation for artists spaces and projects.

We’re having planning and strategy day on Monday, I’ll use that occasion to discuss how best to fund this without it affecting funds for artists projects as much, and how we can share all the research and learning.


Hey @Mette,

Thank you for your reply. We know a lot of work has already been put into this and I think a dedicated role can be very senseful. Maybe it even could be a bigger team consisting of various representatives of the ecosystem (just exploring some thoughts here). We’re looking forward to the outcome of your strategy meeting. If there is anything the creatives can help you with, shoot a msg :slight_smile:


Yeah, you and Cintia and everyone else associated with Arroz from the inception know about the work done here all too well. As a relative newbie I have so much love and respect for how hard you’ve all worked! :green_heart:

I personally would LOVE a bigger team of people in the eco system looking at this. Arroz won’t be the only association / venue with a physical space coming onto NEAR, and however clunky and slow and exclusive the old off chain systems are, we have to exist within them for the time being.

I want to know how you combine the old and new organisational governance systems and funding models. What is the hybrid possibilities and how do we make the two worlds talk to each other!?