[Report] Planting A.I.R September

Hi All,

This project is currently on hold awaiting DAO & Guild launch. However work was done during September by council members @Mette, @lamour, @StevenR and New studio manager Catia who is not onboarded yet.

We feel it is reasonable to provide some support to this project until it is fully launched and operational.

The work done during September is detailed below:

  • Weekly meetings discussing the development of the program.

  • Researching new approaches to identifying suitable community hubs and potential residents and getting a bigger/ more targeted response to the open call (to be published 18th Oct)

  • Rewriting the open call texts and application process

  • Planning and writing work time lines and undertaking general project management tasks

  • Gathering info and feedback from the past residents

  • Report and general tasks

  • Creating a one-sheet document to spread the word within community organisations

  • Going on a research outing to Residencias Refugio Festival in Lisbon, to meet other organisations, listen to debates and meet potential partner organisations.

Original proposal can be seen here

Previous residents and their work can be seen here

Project members working hours breakdown:
@lamour : 4.5 hours x 4 = 20h x 3N = 60N
@Mette : 4.5 hours x 4 = 20h x 3N = 60N
@StevenR = ?
Catia = ?

Total requested unless update required = 120N = 924$ (N value approx as of GoinG on Mon 4th October)

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