[ON HOLD] Planting AIR 2.0 kick off September Budget

Planting AIR DAO September Budget

Project members:

@Mette (mette.near)

@lamour (samhill.near)

@StevenR (stevenrice.near)

DAO: plantingair.sputnikdao.near

Arroz Estúdios’ project called Planting A.I.R was launched in Mar/April 2021 with the intention of giving free studio spaces to creatives and artists from non-privileged backgrounds, helping them to interact with Near ecosystem and blockchain language. The first edition of this project, still ongoing (with 2 new residents - Héverton Harieno @hevertonharieno and David Arranhado), will be finished soon. For the continuation and expansion of this project, we setted up this project’s DAO (plantingair.sputnikdao.near)

Planting DAO purpose:

Planting AIR is a residency and stipend program for artists and creatives at Arroz Estúdios. The aim of this DAO is to keep funding this project for the next editions and to help expand the possibilities inside and outside the Arroz community.

Some of the goals:

  • Support artists from non-privileged backgrounds
  • Create a platform for artistic creation
  • Expand our presence within NEAR ecosystem and community
  • Be part of the educational & NEAR integration of Arroz Estúdios

September is the first month we are requesting funds as a SputnikDAO. To kick-off the next edition of the project and keep supporting the ongoing residents we request:

Council work 70 N x 4 members = 280 N

Ideating and organizing the new Open Call (Open call to be launched mid-september/ Residencies and Stipend program to be launched in October) = 40 N x 2 people = 80 N

Community Management = 160 N (32 hours/month more or less) - (5 N per hour)

(Bounty) : Creation and management of the Instagram and Twitter page = 45 N

Fee for materials and supplies for the ongoing residents= 200 euro (David) + 200 (60 euro remaining = 40%) (Heverton) = ± 60 N

Buffer for the planting air residents to implement creative ideas (David’s big mural in collaboration with @hevertonharieno ) = 250 N

Studio expenses = 50 x 2 spaces= 100 N

Total = 975 N

Planting air reports and news: Arroz News - Arroz Estúdios

First edition: [Approved] Arroz Estúdios: Studio Space for Artists from Low-Income Backgrounds

Note: I’m no longer Arroz staff, so my participation in this Council will be brief until we make a smooth transition to the next Project Manager.


This looks great @JulianaM, thanks for putting it together.

Considering this project is still ongoing, it seems like it would be appropriate to have the initial retrospective submitted before the project expanded.

Also, for the goals, they are great, but quite general.

It would be great to link these goals to the retrospective from the first iteration of the project and use that to define some goals for this 2.0 iteration. Each of these goals, at a high level, seem great, but it would be great to know exactly HOW these goals are to be accomplished.


Thank you @chloe :pray:
I’m gonna speak with the rest of the team about it and gather the information required.

So for this retrospective:

  • we got to show how the artists interacted and the progress of their residencies
  • collect all the links with the reports and so on
  • information about the artistics projects
  • financial report of the project (?)
  • specific goals for the next edition

Please let us know if there’s more info you would like to know.


Hey @JulianaM - glad to see Planting A.I.R. will be returning for a second iteration! In your reply here I think you’ve captured what @chloe was saying we’d like to see in the retrospective/report for the first edition before we proceed further.

Some kind of complete accounting is still needed to give the wider NEAR creative community a full look at what the impact of this program has been so far, from these earlier beginnings and small updates - in this post: [Approved] Arroz Estúdios: Studio Space for Artists from Low-Income Backgrounds - #22 by tabear - to now.

Also I’m wondering from a logistical standpoint if this post is meant to mean that Planting A.I.R. is no longer being supported by Arroz Criativo? Since this has been posted here under the Creatives DAO subcategory but the council is predominantly Arroz staff this is a little confusing. My recommendation is that the Planting A.I.R. Sputnik DAO request its funds from the Arroz Criativo SputnikDAO to reflect the closer relationship between these two DAOs, and Arroz continues to report for the funds for this as part of the regular monthly budgetary ask ([PROPOSAL] Updated Monthly Budget Arroz Criativo - September) from the Creatives DAO. (cc: @StevenR @squattingPigeon)


Hey @mecsbecs thank you so much for your reply. After your and Chloe’s feedback, I’m sure the next Planting AIR team (@lamour @Mette and Cátia) will take some time to review, edit and adapt the proposal, preparing the way for its expansion. Until there, I’ll edit the title to [On Hold] as this proposal might not be considered in the meanwhile. I also will leave Planting air DAO council as I’m not going to be involved with it anymore.